As Is, Is Perfect

Howdy, It is ok that you aren't always nice. It is ok that you are sometimes an asshole. It is ok that you don't have it all figured out. It is. Many of us have decided that in order to be ok we have to be void of anything that has been judged as negative, bad, base. We believe that we must cut out our darkness as we would a cancer. We want everyone to live in harmony and light without recognizing that harmony and light need discord and darkness to exist. The issue isn't that everything exists, it is all in how we are viewing it. Our adding condemnation to something that we already have fear, shame and regret around only adds to the strength of the darkness and our fear; it only turns the lights out more. When you recognize the place that darkness deserves and requires in order for you to see the light, you no longer have any reason to fear that the darkness or shadow controls you or will do damage. A gun isn't dangerous unless it is in the hands of a human. The darkness isn't the bad guy.

When we refuse to accept the divinity of all things, including the stuff we hate, we refute, we would like to run the opposite direction from, we are forced then to repeat the experience that we so adamantly condemned. We don't have to learn through suffering, it is simply that we refuse to learn any other way… The universe isn't conflicted, we are. The universe isn't judging you as good or bad, it is simply throwing at you information for you to use to create deeper and richer experiences of your choosing. Imagine being able to look at your experiences in your life as ways to grow closer to your's and other's divinity. What would be the purpose of denying anything that was, in actuality, a gift. It is never the thing itself that is the issue but, instead, the thoughts we have about that thing that becomes our albatross. When you leave the thing as an it, or place on it the wise experience that is its highest potential, your world shifts in miraculous ways.

Our thinking is our biggest hurdle, our wanting to fit into an idea of something we have never truly experienced. We spend our time deciding what ok and what is not or trying to manipulate the world around us to fit into our narrow ideas (based on our limited experience) of love. What we don't fully understand is that all of it is love and worry, fear, hate, etc are also part and parcel to the journey to love… albeit roundabout. It is a hard thing to grasp that you are never without, never alone, never lost; that even when you are an asshole you are divine. Even when you don't know the next move to make you are moving in the direction you are supposed to be moving. Acceptance is an unveiling of the miracle of existence… of everything.

Wake up to the magic, it can be phenomenal if you allow it to be.


xo a

Fear of Flying

Hi! When you let go of the idea that you will be safe if you have a relationship with someone who understands you, who gets you; when you stop worrying about things that are not happening right now; when you remember that all of this is temporary fear pops up and then bounces away. It is the exact opposite of what happens for those who believe that a relationship will fulfill them, "knowing" will calm them or that what they hold onto will last forever; for those people, fear consumes them. The notion that there is safety, security and fulfillment in all the things that truly are temporary, whether you consciously get it or not, would bring up fear because there is no truth to it. We grab onto one another hoping that in the other we will find ground and stop the fall. What we don't understand is that the one we are holding onto is falling also and couldn't stop your internal struggle no matter how much they wanted to. You are the one who can catch you, make you feel secure and loved fully. You are your savior.

We live in a world where most things are unknown yet we try our best to control all. We put rules on everything in order to gain some semblance of being the boss of all. Then life happens, people leave, die, things end, begin, magic happens. We are so set in believing that we KNOW things that we call anything that goes outside of what we have arbitrarily decided could happen, unexplainable, not true, made up, fantasy, conspiracy or some other such definition that usually has a negative connotation. We actually chastise people who refuse to think like the rest of the society we are in. It is understandable then that deep down we are struggling within this box that we are in. Boxes are cramped and somewhere in our soul we see the expansiveness of existence. We know that the world is bigger than the box but because we don't know what lies outside of it, we freak the f*ck out and basically refuse to leave the 'safety' of it. The box says that if you do certain things then certain things will happen. Well, there may be a possibility that those things are going to happen but there is a possibility that other things would happen too. The world is mysterious, exciting and surprising.

Letting go of our illusion of security is a process for most. You can practice it by doing things that challenge you in various ways. You can do it by changing your language around love, relationships, and the world. You can let go of the idea of security by recognizing that the only control that you have is over you and how you respond to your world… Or you can learn through the fact that the world will stop at nothing to get you to see it. The world, universe, will take things away, bring things in, create chaos and then bring order whether you want it or not. The universe will give you opportunity after opportunity to learn how to let go of our attachments. What you call falling I call flying. When you open up to possibility, to understanding that it is the moment that is precious, not the imagined future, you can stop the drop and begin to enjoy the journey. It is your choice to bury your head or spread your wings.


xo a


Hi there, You will be ok.  If you push harder, sweat more, sleep less and go farther you will survive.  We have such a distorted idea of what we are capable of.  If you want to be successful, if you want to reach a goal you are going to need to suck it up and go for it.  Wake up.  WAKE UP!!!!  When things go wrong you figure out how to manage your life around trying to get them to go right… right?  What if you controlled what you could control… like movement, thoughts and behavior.  What if you created habits that supported a lifestyle that supports life?  What if you stopped doing things that sucked energy; things that don't feed your soul, healed your body and broadened your mind?  Do you know what is possible, do you know where your limit is?

I can tell you that you don't know your limits unless you have already figured out how to fly; to just elevate like a ghost.  If you haven't gotten to that point yet you are still at the "I have no f*ing idea what my potential is" point.  And… if you do know how to fly then you understand that we are limitless.  If you decide to work at something with drive, determination, unrelenting discipline you will master it.  You are not limited by who your mom or your dad is, what your bloodline says, or what anyone else in your family has or has not done.  You are only held back by your beliefs; your believing that you are limitless limits you.  Your believing that your family history determines your future is unbelievably damaging to your journey towards flight.  If you want to be a dancer, dance.  If you want to be a writer, write.  If you want to be an amazing lover, love, communicate, practice.  Whatever you see as amazing in someone else you can be too.  Seriously.

I want to be stronger, faster, fitter.  I work at it daily.  I want to be the best DJ that I have heard of.  I work at it daily.  I want to be a proficient, consistent and relevant writer.  I write everyday.  When you want something you need to go after it.  When you see someone living a dream that you wouldn't mind living, at least your version of it, work for it.  When you want to bring something into your world or take something out, make the decision.  That is the secret.  Deciding to do something different, something more, something daring and something you never dared to do will automatically make it a possibility.


Sometimes you just have to make a choice.  Make one that scares you, that takes you farther than you are presently, that challenges your very idea of who you are or ever could be.  Then watch the magic happen, while you sweat your ass off going after it.



No Know

Hello, What is it in us humans that makes it easier to believe that we know it all instead of understanding that we know so little that to use the word know is actually humorous?  Knowing belies the fact that we are actually just gathering from our experience.  As our experiences increase our knowing shifts.  So how is it that we know anything and why is it important that we do?  Maybe it is just semantics, but words are important.  The first meaning of know is to be aware of through observation, inquiry, or information.  The second is to have knowledge or information concerning.  The last definition and the one that most people use when they are using the word know; to be absolutely certain or sure about something.  This last definition is what most people are thinking when they use the word know.  Absolute certainty is something that just isn't absolute.  We have all been sure about a lover, a job, a choice only to have time show us otherwise.  Knowing isn't all it is cracked up to be.

We get a sense of security when we can say that we know.  Knowledge feeds our egos and helps us believe that we are somehow in control and dominate our surroundings.  When we feel absolutely sure about something we get this feeling of comfort and familiarity.  It feels good to know.  Our response to what we don't know, or the unknown, tells you how scary it is to go farther than we have.  When you open yourself up to not knowing it is possible to discover that knowledge is less important than curiosity.  You might discover that knowledge is actually a trick to stop magic from happening.  Our dogged desire to understand, to predict, to control keeps us from seeing the fairies, spirits and different dimensions that exist.  Because we feel that it is necessary to be absolutely certain about things in order for them to be true we lose so much experiential information.  Is it true that you love your cat or dog.  Can you be absolutely certain about it; can anyone else?  Knowledge is a distraction, a hurdle, something to get over having to feel.


What if you looked at the world with curiosity?  What if instead of knowing you observed patterns, you had ideas, you didn't know?  What if you recognized that knowledge is always and forever changing, therefore absolutes weren't possible.  What if you stepped out of your comfort zone; how would you experience the world then?  Knowledge is a limitation.  Being open to not knowing is an invitation.  We couldn't possibly, with our limited senses, know anything for certain.  We can't even see in the dark, let alone things we don't know exist.  Everyday you learn something new, something that prior to that moment you didn't know.  If knowing was a relationship we would all be polyamorous, we change our knowing so often.

Accept the invitation to trust that we are always learning, exploring and expanding.  Trust that you don't need to know for sure to believe that all is possible.  Try it, see what comes.



What's Good???

Good Morning!!! Tuesday Gratitude Practice is here!!!  How will you take what you are grateful for through the rest of your day?  This isn't just about writing it down and sending it back…  put it out there!  Let the world feel your appreciation!  Let's make a difference.    

This only  takes a few moments to do but gives to you for much, much longer.  So put down whatever you are doing and take a couple of minutes for yourself.  Every Tuesday morning I am going to ask you to write down 5 things that you are grateful for and email them to me (keep for yourself as well).  What are you feeling gratitude around?  Here are mine for this week:

Growing Up.

Being My Own Priority.

Rock Documentaries.


Coach Aina Body Camp - 

There are no right or wrong answers.  It is about what you are grateful for.   It is proven that doing this once a week for three months (actually just 9 weeks) makes you happier, healthier, exercise more and less sensitive to perceived slights.  You will sweat the small stuff less and focus on what really matters.

So… what are you waiting for???

Food for thought: 

I want everyone to take care of themselves, in that way I will be more than supported.  Not that I want everyone to live on an island without contact.  On the contrary, I want lots of contact.  I would simply prefer to have everyone feel whole on their own and at the same time understand the fact that separation is an illusion.  We are more connected than most of understand and our believing the illusion of separateness is the cause of most of our issues.  Our feelings of loneliness are directly related to our trying to connect to what we are not actually separate from.  It is like we are constantly trying to find our sunglasses by looking all over the house and the car when they were on our head all along.  

When we all take care of ourselves we notice that the glasses were on us the whole time.  We become aware of our connection to others through our awareness of our connection to ourselves.  It is like finally seeing for the first time or hearing or smelling or breathing.  We begin to notice that we are all a reflection or an aspect of the whole.  All uniquely separate in the illusion but in actuality just different viewpoints of life.  When we believe that we aren't connected we behave less than ideal because oneness or wholeness is what we long for.  We don't understand that we don't have to hold onto each other for dear life, stay in a shitty relationship, keep a crappy job, deal with less than yummy friends.  We believe that we need to hold on and never let go lest we be alone.  You are never alone.  You are always connected.  

If you could take time to be with you, learn and be curious about yourself; be honest about your motivations and expectations and then see how you are like me or your neighbor or the person on the corner.  Stop believing you aren't everyone else and that you couldn't relate to someone just because they aren't behaving the way you would prefer.  We are so duped that we don't understand that we are examples, inspiration and motivation for one another.  If you look out from your eyes with the idea that you are seeing yourself in various iterations you won't feel so alone; you won't buy into the trick of this human experience; you won't need to stay where it isn't serving you, do what doesn't resonate and live with such uneasiness.  

When you get the hang of truly taking care of you and begin to feel connected you will feel the love that abounds.  When you feel the love that abounds you will vibrate at a level that is magical.  You will shine, you'll glisten; your energy will take on a high gloss.  You will be full and overflowing.  Self-care is universal care and the big secret to changing everything.

My love is you. 



How I Feel




Your feelings matter.  They do.  I mean this wholeheartedly.  Now understand that I am not saying that anyone is to blame for your feelings, on the contrary… your feelings are all about you.  They are about where you are, what you want, what you haven't gotten, what you expect, how you see the world and how you filter information that comes in.  Because of all of these facts your feelings truly do matter.  They are your language, your way of interpreting things that you are perceiving.  They are also a way for you to create what you believe in.  Our feelings are our magic wands and we would all do better to look at them as the information givers they are.  You are a creator, you are a meaning maker, you are a magician and your feelings are your tools.  

What happens when you deny what you feel?  What happens when you tell someone else to deny what they feel?  Invalidation is damaging no matter the direction from which we receive it.  Whether someone else is telling us our feelings aren't valid or we are discounting what we feel because there are children starving in a 3rd world country.  Saying that one person's feelings aren't valid because someone else is in pain somewhere far away isn't helping either person.  Pain isn't about comparison, feelings aren't meant to be in a contest yet we do this to ourselves and one another on a regular basis.  We make fun of someone complaining about their car being damaged by telling them that they are having first world problems…  Well how in the hell are they going to have 3rd world problems if they aren't living in a 3rd world?  Should they only be upset when they find themselves starving with flies landing on their face?  Is that the point, to shame one another for being where we are?  What the hell people, there has to be a better way to help others gain perspective that isn't a put down.  

Why don't you stop and remember what if feels like to be told that your feelings don't matter.  I bet you that a large number of criminals felt small, powerless and invalidated at some point (or at most points) in their lives.  It is a dangerous and violent thing that we do when we tell someone that they don't matter.  That is what we do when we invalidate one another.  Instead of feeling our feelings and recognizing them as momentary, not as big as we may believe and getting out of them what they are meaning to show us we are pushed to either defending or denying them.  It is exhausting when you think about it.  Instead of having space held for us we suck the life out of one another and expect each other to breathe like nothing happened.  Honestly, how many times have you belittled someone for feeling a way you thought was insignificant?  

My motto is "suck it up" and I mean it.  That doesn't mean I want you to ignore or deny your feelings.  I want there to be a healthy detachment from programmed meaning of our feelings.  Instead of thinking that feeling tired means giving up I want being tired to remind you that you are on the right track… and I want you to remember the feeling of pushing through the fatigue to a new world.  Feelings are like messages in a language that isn't native but it necessary and filled with wonder.  Look at what you feel in a way that allows you to maintain perspective.  Are you dying?  No, ok, then does it serve you to behave in a way that makes it seem like things are that dire?  We can choose our response to our feelings… that is when you begin to come into your own power. 

Once you are able to see your feelings (by first owning, admitting and never denying them) as tools you will be more curious to dig into them deeper than before.  Feelings are truly our gifts.  Feelings are our creative power.  Feelings are the beginning of all things.  Let's begin to feel them fully to create a more purposeful and fulfilled life for ourselves and support others on their journey to do the same.  



Say It With Meaning

Hi there, I have no regrets about anything I have said to anyone in my life.  I am very purposeful with my words, both soft and sharp.  I believe regret is like guilt, pointless.  I know that it can take a lot of energy for most people to speak on purpose.  To shut up when they have not truly thought out their words and to mean what they say when they do finally speak.  So much of our communication is thoughtless and rote.  We ask one another how we are without actually caring about the answer.  It is often just what we say as a greeting not anything we are truly meaning.  The thing about this is that words are powerful and assist in making magic happen.  When we speak without putting energy behind it or recognizing the power in the words we utter we create a world and things within it that aren't what we truly intended.  So often people say things just to fill space, to distract themselves from their own thoughts.  So much of our behavior is to numb ourselves from knowing ourselves.  It is no wonder why we don't see that we teach one another and that everything we do is an example for someone else.  

You never know what affect your words will have on someone.  You never know when someone will be listening and when what they hear will change their lives in some way.  It is impossible to know how someone will truly take your words and filter them to give them meaning.  Each person has their own set of filters, which are, in part, shaped by their experiences in this lifetime and possibly others.  How we interpret something is truly not ever about the present moment.  Our reactions to things are based on our history with similar things and, what we consider important is unique to each of us.  Because of this lack of control over when or what someone considers what you do or say important, consider everything you do or say important and possibly taken to heart.  

Every interaction with everyone and everything is an opportunity to bring about change.  How you are with others, what you say, how you say it, makes a bigger difference than you are aware.  When I was around 10 I fell in love with my french teacher, Mrs. Worthy.  I don't exactly know how my mother found out but she told me clearly that it was normal in everyone's development to like both girls and boys.  This was a relief to me because I liked boys and girls and thought it was fabulous that I now had permission to do so and still fall in the range of normal.  :)  I now know that being normal isn't all that groovy and have since adjusted my status to abnormal.  Either way, that statement that my mother made, that information about normal sexual development, helped me throughout my life as I had boyfriends, fell in love with girls and had girlfriends and knew that I didn't have to decide to only like one or the other regardless of how much pressure is on everyone else to do so.  I felt very secure in my being open to loving people first and not caring too much about gender.  At the time my mom wasn't actually thinking about me being something other than straight.  She wasn't even truly focusing that much on me during the Mrs. Worthy conversation… she just knew to not say something tome that would ostracize me or put me down.  She was careful to make sure I felt included, healthy and developmentally on track.  I am so grateful for that.


 Maybe you have been that person for someone, the one that they remember helping them be ok with who they are.  Maybe you are the one that has helped someone question the validity of who they are.  We all have the power to support or judge.  We all have the power to hate or love.  Are you deliberate with what you create or are you like a drunken college student stumbling around peeing on things?  You can't choose what or how someone takes what you do or say, but you can do or say what you want, what you mean and do it with intention to help and intention to love.




Hey there, What would you do if you won the lotto?  If you won a jackpot of $275 million dollars after taxes, what would you do?  What line of work, where would you live, how would you go about your daily life?  What would you change and what would stay the same?  I know that I have asked myself this question countless times.  Sometimes the only upgrades I would make have to do with my living space and other times I want to do a complete overhaul.  Where are you on that spectrum?  Are you pretty groovy with most things or would hitting the jackpot create a new world for you, happier and yummier (you hope)?  


First note anything you would want to get rid of.  Write it down.  Look at it… say it aloud.  It is important to note that we all know what isn't working in our worlds.  You may have written down anything from leaving a partner to living in another country.  You could have simply written down that you would only change your debt status.  Whatever the area that you are willing to drop like a hot potato if money wasn't an object needs to be dropped anyway.  You sometimes have to get out of your own way to see that you know what you need and/or what needs to leave.  

We love to tell ourselves that we are stuck in a situation and that there is no way out.  We find every reason that never truly is good to stay in something that isn't working.  Maybe a part here and there satisfies you in some way, but truly, when you are doing something that takes from you, what is the point?  How much money is your soul worth?  How much pain and frustration is your life deserving of?  How long do you need to be discontent before you refuse to be discontent?  At some point it is ok to let go of things that aren't fulfilling you completely.  We tell ourselves that if we had the money then we could do blah blah blah.  We say that if he or she did this or that then a, b, c and d would get done or be better.  We think that we have to be fit to do something challenging.  We think we have to have a certain environment to take better care of our health.  There is always some reason that we don't do what we know we want to do now.  When will you run out of excuses?

Asking yourself what you would do if you won the lotto is a great way to check your true desires.  We often judge what we want before we ever let ourselves or anyone else here it.  This judgement is often based on financial matters or what others may think of you.  Find out what your true desires and motivations are.  This is where happiness is.  Once you line your life up with your love, magic happens.  No amount of money will trump waking up in the morning and not needing to win the lotto to feel like a winner.



I Want...


I want to do 1000 push ups daily and a million other physical feats that I will keep listing here and there.  I want to be a superhero and pole dance like Jenyne Butterfly.  I want to be able to be able to just lift off of the ground and hover until I decide to go somewhere, and then I want to just be there, in a flash.  I want to be able to pick everyone up around me and swing them like when they were little and loved to be held.  I want to give back massages to the masses and then free them from their desk jobs like freeing frogs from freshman biology lab.  I want to show people what life could be like if they loved themselves and enjoyed each and every moment, even when it was hard.  I want so many things and they are all valid and wonderful and possible.  

 You want things too.  You do.  You want to keep your relationship steamy and delicious.  You want to have work that you consider fun and forget that you get paid.  You want to feel worthy and deserving all of the time.  You want to be fearless unless it is necessary for your safety.  You want to be loved and be love.  We all do.  There are a lot of other things that you want that you refuse to admit to.  We censor so much of ourselves, judge it really.  We spend so much time deciding that what we want, what we desire is something that is impossible, not cool, acceptable or important that we forget that we create all of this, everything around us.  Someone somewhere decided that smells should be sprayed and we have perfume and air freshener.  Another person thought it would be cool to jump out of  a plane and not die… tada: the parachute was born!  Better yet, someone or something imagined us into existence and here we are.  Now, how do we go from the amazing miracles that exist in our everyday to believing that we cannot have what we want??

Look around, how many things can be explained to the source.  Really.  Even the idea of God… where, how, why?  Where does God come from?  Where does the universe originate and why?  What is this thing called existence?  If we can be here posing these questions with no certain or universally accepted answer then why can I not fly by just deciding it to be so (and working hard at it)?  Why can't we stop the madness of sitting for hours on end hating what we do and create a different paradigm?  Why do we keep doing the things that someone made up that we don't like?  Make something new up.  Seriously.  

I am going to keep on stating my wants loudly and proudly.  You never know who is listening and can help you bring your wants into reality.  Speak them for yourself, be unafraid and have fun.  This is life, no one is going to get out of it alive so what do you have to lose?



ps - Two videos for your pleasure :)

Jenyne Butterfly being amazing:

Tee Major doing some pretty awesome shizznit:

Going In

Hello, There is no getting around doing the work.  There is no magic pill that creates the life you want.  There is no running away from what you don't enjoy about yourself.  There is no ignoring what you would like to forget.  There is no dodging you as your responsibility… not forever anyway.  You will be faced with what you turned your back on before.  You will have to deal with what you have kept out of focus.  What you resist persists.  Now it is time to pony up.

So much of our time is spent doing.  We go to school, we get a job we do our job, we find a mate, we do the whole mating thing and partnering thing.  We keep on doing this or doing that, rarely stopping to check in with ourselves unless tragedy strikes.  Even then we focus on the loss and not our life, our journey.  Much of our lives are spent being distracted from our internal world.  We have been taught to put more stock in what we see on the outside not understanding that our external world is a reflection of our internal universe.  Of course, this understanding is tricky because our outside world can seem awesome when really it is masking what is really happening.

We work so hard to look like our world is all good.  We run around dressing sharp, talking a big game, and working hard.  We have read all of the self-help books and have our spiritual language down.  Then our world starts to get deep.  Things stop happening for us the way we intend for them to.  Our deep work begins to call for attention.  When this happens it is like all hell breaking loose.  This is what looks like a breakdown for most people when truly it is the beginning of a break through.  It is full of change, pain, heartache and growth.  

The only way out of this is through.  The only way to stop the flow of tears is to do the work.  The only thing left to do is you.  You have done family, jobs, partners, stuff.  Now, it is time for you to give yourself the attention you deserve.  You must stop putting yourself last.  You must begin to see your value, you must begin to see your worth.  You have a lot to do but you will be ok.  Take it one day, sometimes one moment at a time and before you know it you will be through the hard stuff.  

Sending love, support and strength,



Wonderful Wonder

Hi there! We really like knowing things.  We get off on being knowledgable on this or that subject.  We prefer to not look stupid, be an expert or have information that could be helpful.  As we grow up we lose our sense of wonder and replace it with expectation and predictability.  We want to know the outcome and the reason for it.  We want to guess correctly what will happen because somewhere along the way we let fear take over as out jump off point.  Fear needs to know, longs for safety, expects and never wonders.  Fear knows that shit is gonna be shitty, or at least that 'a' equals 'b', and expects it.  

When you jump off from a place of fear your curiosity plummets.  You are no longer looking at the world with excitement.  Investigating the unknown doesn't cross your mind because the unknown equals the unsafe.  The unknown also equals you not looking good, or like you know, which is scary and not fun to anyone who values knowing as an ideal state of being.  So when you think of being in the dark as being unsafe and looking ridiculous you are going to steer towards things that you feel safe and smart around.  Those things that give you those feelings are what you are used to doing, what you have already mastered or experienced regularly at least.  

Do you want to stay where you are?  Is this a place you could live out your life, without change, comfortably and happily?  If you have answered yes then remember to let everyone around you know that you have no intention of growing.  That you have found the perfect moment and you plan on reliving it until life has ended for you.  If you do desire something else you will need to do something else.  You will need to shift something in your life in order to have your life shift.  

When I talk about change, I don't mean cutting all of your hair off and moving to another country.  You can simply start taking a different route to work.  You can go to a different grocery store than you normally do.  You could buy a coupon off of one of the 58 coupon sites that exist and use it for something you don't normally do.  You can say yes to a situation you would normally say no to.  It is about being open, doing what you don't know, being open to being curious.  If you are comfortable, chances are you are not growing.  That doesn't mean you get rid of anything in your life that keeps you comfy.  You need comfy and uncomfy to balance you out.  Stress is not where you want to live, but it does have its place.  

I hope you can see a little more of the wonderful wonder there is to be curious about in the world today!!!    



It Is As It Should Be

Howdy! Would you consider yourself someone who pays attention?  Are you picking up on the things that are happening all around you?  Do you see patterns in events in your life or do you believe that there are coincidences and that nothing really follows any order???  :)  What if everything did happen on purpose.  How would you change your worldview (do you have a worldview)?  What if there were no mistakes in the way we view mistakes, "things that just shouldn't fucking happen."  What if you took that idea, that certain things shouldn't happen, and turned it around to ask, "why did this happen?"  How would that change you?  How would you see things differently?  

When you stop denying reality you are faced with it.  When you stop trying to not see you begin to SEE.  You can then be a part of the grand orchestra in a way that you can't if you are choosing to believe that their isn't one because of your view being so narrow. When you look at this life as a part of the whole you can begin to see that each and every movement, no matter how insignificant seeming, plays a role in the sound that the universe is making.  You are a part of this orchestra whether you can hear it or not… and everything that happens within you is a note that joins everyone else to make a melody and finally the Grandest of Symphonies.  

The symphony is infinite.  The reasons for things are multifaceted.  The music is subtle until you open up to it.  Paying attention to how things come together or, as it may be, fall apart, is important if you want to see a larger section of existence than your own.  When you begin to embrace the purposefulness of life you begin to move towards the life that is your highest ideal.  Life begins to work for you and support you in a way that is more obvious than ever before.  From the big things to the small things.  Everything from wishing you could buy a juicer on sale and then finding out 2 hours later that Macy's is having a sale on the very juicer you want at over 50%… then being pushed to get there that night, though you have had the busiest fucking day ever, with 10 minutes to spare before they closed, only to find out the sale was only for 1 day and you made it by 10 minutes...  To being dumped by someone who you thought was the rest of your life and then finding the rest of your life because of it.  Knowing that a series of events is actually a string.  These events are connected and not random.  

When you deny reality or decide it shouldn't be what it is you miss so much of the various movements of the symphony and things seem random and unfair.  If I had decided that the sale was too good to be true, or ignored the internal urging to get to the store no matter what or assumed that Macy's closed at 9 like everywhere else instead of checking to see then finding out it closes at 10, I would have missed this opportunity.  Or, if I had decided that buying a juicer was insignificant and not connected to anything, I would have missed the point.  The point is encouragement.  The point is support.  The point is that the juicer awesomeness is an example of the kismet that is everywhere.  Patterns exist so you can see the bigger picture.  So you can see the connectedness to something more and to encourage you to be open to whatever may be on the horizon.  

The universe is always encouraging or discouraging.  Depends on what it is we are doing and how that lines up with our soul's plan.  When something seems to come easy, that is encouragement.  When it is like being struck by lightning, twice in the same spot, well that might be discouragement… and it is truly up to you to figure this out.  No one else.  When you choose to deny the very things the universe is giving you, showing you, bringing to you or taking away you are demonstrating an exercise in futility.  You will have to deal with it until you can no longer ignore the music that you are not only a part of but you are playing.

If you are denying what is, how is that working for you?  If you are accepting what is, how is that working for you?  Either way it is what it is.