Patterns and Reflections

Howdy, Pay attention.  What are you missing?  What is happening in your life over and over?  What are the feelings that you cannot seem to shake?  What are the situations you cannot seem to stop repeating?  What do you think about these things, these patterns?  What would you say to the movie screen if your life was being played out in a condensed way with all of the things that have "happened" to you as the storyline?  What would you say to a friend that was living the life you have lived or are living?  How would you counsel them?  

We often cannot see our own lives due to the fact that our perspective is distorted.  It is like trying to see a shooting star by sitting on it.  We fare better when we can see ourselves from the perspective of another.  This is the beauty of relationship and the difficulty as well.  We need one another to see ourselves clearer.  We use one another to gain perspective about ourselves.  Without the reflection of our behavior in another we would remain pretty blind to a large part of ourselves.  The challenge is understanding how to interpret the information that we get, from everyone around us, about us.  What do we take in, what do we discard, what do we keep or hold onto in order to bring about change?  

First and foremost, we are all working toward figuring things out.  The path for another may not be what you would consider righteous or healthy or preferable, but it is a path nonetheless.  Think about your life and how each step brought you to where you are now, to what you are learning now, to where you are going.  Know that each moment is a necessary part of the whole of your life.  Once you have drilled this into your noggin you can begin to look at your life, and others' lives, as information and not something to be judged or belittled.  When you don't recognize your moments as gifts and/or tidbits of information, you miss the very useful information that the moment is storing and trying to share.  It is hard to see a pattern in things when you are denying these things on a regular basis.

If you can, which I know you have the potential to, truly pay attention to your life and how you have operated it thus far, or ask someone you trust or admire to give you a rundown on what they think you have to work on.  If something irritates or resonates you have found an 'area of interest.'  Once you have noted various patterns in your life you have the choice to consciously repeat or delete them.  This is the blessing of awareness.  I know that the saying ignorance is bliss has some validity but knowledge truly is power.  You may feel stuck because of repeated behaviors you exhibit, you may feel stuck because of recurring thoughts in your head when you reach a certain level of success.  Whatever the reason for feeling unsettled or frustrated, you are in charge of settling yourself and learning how to find a place of ease.  

It is all possible, really.  Open your mind and heart to the possibility of not struggling through something.  Open your heart to ease.  See what comes.



It Is As It Should Be

Howdy! Would you consider yourself someone who pays attention?  Are you picking up on the things that are happening all around you?  Do you see patterns in events in your life or do you believe that there are coincidences and that nothing really follows any order???  :)  What if everything did happen on purpose.  How would you change your worldview (do you have a worldview)?  What if there were no mistakes in the way we view mistakes, "things that just shouldn't fucking happen."  What if you took that idea, that certain things shouldn't happen, and turned it around to ask, "why did this happen?"  How would that change you?  How would you see things differently?  

When you stop denying reality you are faced with it.  When you stop trying to not see you begin to SEE.  You can then be a part of the grand orchestra in a way that you can't if you are choosing to believe that their isn't one because of your view being so narrow. When you look at this life as a part of the whole you can begin to see that each and every movement, no matter how insignificant seeming, plays a role in the sound that the universe is making.  You are a part of this orchestra whether you can hear it or not… and everything that happens within you is a note that joins everyone else to make a melody and finally the Grandest of Symphonies.  

The symphony is infinite.  The reasons for things are multifaceted.  The music is subtle until you open up to it.  Paying attention to how things come together or, as it may be, fall apart, is important if you want to see a larger section of existence than your own.  When you begin to embrace the purposefulness of life you begin to move towards the life that is your highest ideal.  Life begins to work for you and support you in a way that is more obvious than ever before.  From the big things to the small things.  Everything from wishing you could buy a juicer on sale and then finding out 2 hours later that Macy's is having a sale on the very juicer you want at over 50%… then being pushed to get there that night, though you have had the busiest fucking day ever, with 10 minutes to spare before they closed, only to find out the sale was only for 1 day and you made it by 10 minutes...  To being dumped by someone who you thought was the rest of your life and then finding the rest of your life because of it.  Knowing that a series of events is actually a string.  These events are connected and not random.  

When you deny reality or decide it shouldn't be what it is you miss so much of the various movements of the symphony and things seem random and unfair.  If I had decided that the sale was too good to be true, or ignored the internal urging to get to the store no matter what or assumed that Macy's closed at 9 like everywhere else instead of checking to see then finding out it closes at 10, I would have missed this opportunity.  Or, if I had decided that buying a juicer was insignificant and not connected to anything, I would have missed the point.  The point is encouragement.  The point is support.  The point is that the juicer awesomeness is an example of the kismet that is everywhere.  Patterns exist so you can see the bigger picture.  So you can see the connectedness to something more and to encourage you to be open to whatever may be on the horizon.  

The universe is always encouraging or discouraging.  Depends on what it is we are doing and how that lines up with our soul's plan.  When something seems to come easy, that is encouragement.  When it is like being struck by lightning, twice in the same spot, well that might be discouragement… and it is truly up to you to figure this out.  No one else.  When you choose to deny the very things the universe is giving you, showing you, bringing to you or taking away you are demonstrating an exercise in futility.  You will have to deal with it until you can no longer ignore the music that you are not only a part of but you are playing.

If you are denying what is, how is that working for you?  If you are accepting what is, how is that working for you?  Either way it is what it is.