Going In

Hello, There is no getting around doing the work.  There is no magic pill that creates the life you want.  There is no running away from what you don't enjoy about yourself.  There is no ignoring what you would like to forget.  There is no dodging you as your responsibility… not forever anyway.  You will be faced with what you turned your back on before.  You will have to deal with what you have kept out of focus.  What you resist persists.  Now it is time to pony up.

So much of our time is spent doing.  We go to school, we get a job we do our job, we find a mate, we do the whole mating thing and partnering thing.  We keep on doing this or doing that, rarely stopping to check in with ourselves unless tragedy strikes.  Even then we focus on the loss and not our life, our journey.  Much of our lives are spent being distracted from our internal world.  We have been taught to put more stock in what we see on the outside not understanding that our external world is a reflection of our internal universe.  Of course, this understanding is tricky because our outside world can seem awesome when really it is masking what is really happening.

We work so hard to look like our world is all good.  We run around dressing sharp, talking a big game, and working hard.  We have read all of the self-help books and have our spiritual language down.  Then our world starts to get deep.  Things stop happening for us the way we intend for them to.  Our deep work begins to call for attention.  When this happens it is like all hell breaking loose.  This is what looks like a breakdown for most people when truly it is the beginning of a break through.  It is full of change, pain, heartache and growth.  

The only way out of this is through.  The only way to stop the flow of tears is to do the work.  The only thing left to do is you.  You have done family, jobs, partners, stuff.  Now, it is time for you to give yourself the attention you deserve.  You must stop putting yourself last.  You must begin to see your value, you must begin to see your worth.  You have a lot to do but you will be ok.  Take it one day, sometimes one moment at a time and before you know it you will be through the hard stuff.  

Sending love, support and strength,



Give In & Let Go

Howdy there, Cry.  Let it out.  Feel, stretch, grow, learn, mourn, let go.  This is what is happening right now for many people.  Emotional and spiritual death and rebirth…  You are growing, you are changing, you are shedding what isn't serving you anymore and moving forward.  Something big, something wonderful, something new is waiting for you.  It truly is simple, this change, this new life you are creating, but it isn't without complications.  Letting go of what you know is hard, and sometimes painful.  Ultimately it is a blessing and you will be thankful, at some point.

One of the biggest hurdles to this progress is the fact that we are attached to what we have and how we are living now.  Regardless of our happiness around our lives, we know what our life is about.  We know our routines, our agendas, our friends, our significant other, our home, our pets our everything.  With this knowing comes comfort and a feeling of stability and security.  When something threatens that, even if it is in our best interest, we balk, resist, defend, freak out and hang on.  Sometimes things have to get truly devastating for us to take a different look, for us to let go.  Sometimes we have to be forced into the very change we have secretly prayed for during years and years of being in pain on deep levels.  Sometimes we don't recognize the gift of the change we are receiving as an answer to our prayers because we weren't aware that we were 1) praying and 2) discontent due to being asleep.  

Awareness is a big deal and not that common.  Most people are walking around asleep, going through the motions, unaware of their own feelings, motivations, reasons…so when this awakening happens it can be really painful and really profound.  Imagine thinking that everything was ok only to find out that you don't fit in your life anymore.  You are no longer where you thought you wanted to be… and you don't really know what you want anymore.  Imagine being in a foreign country where you don't speak the language and you have to find a way to get food and shelter.  Imagine how lonely you would feel.  How lost.  The challenge comes with letting go of what you knew to be true.  The challenges include not judging the fact that you have changed and that this change will affect all of your relationships; some will end, others will change and new ones will form.    

If you have found yourself here, in what seems to be an abyss, you are in the middle of an amazing growth spurt… an awakening to your self that is without judgment, that is no longer burdened with past hurts, that no longer hold on to what doesn't serve you.  You are opening up to love, true love, the love of your self that allows you to have true love for everyone else.  This is a breaking open not a breaking down. This is the shift and it is happening all around and will continue.  At some point embrace it,  It will happen whether you go kicking and screaming or gracefully acquiesce.