I am here to help you help yourself.


Without you nothing is possible. I am here to remind you that you are your greatest coach, teacher, advocate, friend and guide.

All photography provided by Trista Jennings


Who I Am

I began my coaching career when I was very young. It was something that I have done longer than almost anything else (besides being alive). In college I became a rower and a Resident Assistant. After four years and an accomplished career in sports and residential life I began coaching others for a living as a Rowing Coach for various Universities and as an Empowerment/Transformation Coach. Over two decades later I am more passionate than ever about the ability of movement (physically, energetically or emotionally) to heal, create, transform, and connect. Whether it be personal training, life coaching, indoor cycling or any other group fitness setting, the experience that I create is one that supports change on all levels. We will sweat, we will grow, we will feel, we will laugh, we will cry… most of all we will allow all that is meant to be in our world in.

To help others recognize their connectedness to all things. To assist in the realizing that we are all here for a purpose that is absolutely wonderful and divine in its own right. To shine a light on all things and help others shine their lights brighter. To be a voice for those who cannot speak and to help others learn to use their voice as well. Ultimately, my mission is to love.

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