You Know

Hello! There is a voice inside of all of us… a knowing that we either are aware of and ignore or listen to… or it is so muffled we have a hard time believing that it exists at all.  Our lives are filled with rules.  Societal and personal, moral and random.  We have stuffed our own free will and instinct in a box and have allowed what goes on outside to lead the way for us.  We have spent so much time taking direction from outside, being told what is or isn't true.  If we were tapped into our knowing as a child we were quickly pushed out of it.  If we saw something that the grown-ups didn't see then it didn't exist.  We knew that fairies were in the back yard and for a while the adults may have humored us, but at some point we were told to grow up.  In this society growing up means ignoring what happens internally in order to fit into the external world in a way that isn't distracting, creative, disruptive, abnormal, extraordinary or outside of the box.  The idea of believing something that hasn't been proven by some guys in white coats means you are weird, or different or "woo woo."   By the way, those guys in the white coats don't know shit usually (or anymore than anyone else)… it's true.  They are usually taking direction.

How is anything understood?  How do we recognize the world?  Who says one person sees it better than another or can understand it more?  We may not see it in the same way but it doesn't mean that we don't see it, or understand it.  When we let go of a right or wrong, should or shouldn't, yes or no and allow all things to be we are better able to see.  When we let go of the hierarchy or who has the connection to the source of all, who is tapped into the universe and who isn't we find our own direct line.  When we decide that we know, we know.  When we practice trusting ourselves we take all of the life that we have as purposeful and personal.  When we stop comparing our footsteps on the path with others, we are better able to see the road signs and the flowers and the scenery along the way on our own journey.  When we stop forcing our attention and begin paying attention our voice has more of a chance to speak up and be heard.

The journey to knowing is different for everyone, however, discipline is indeed called upon in just about every case.  Discipline over your thoughts, allowing what you want to hold truth as being and being diligent about nothing else permeating, for a period of time.  When a thought that takes you away from your goal (knowing) comes up, having a way to pull yourself out of going into that thought and back into your knowing is necessary.  For example, when a thought comes up for me that isn't my truth (that I am where I am supposed to be) I begin to sing.  I don't have time to allow thoughts in that undermine my knowing.  In my quiet moments, in the moments where the only focus is on me by myself, nothing is "wrong" or out of balance.  So if I perceive things being out of balance I can quickly balance them by thinking differently.  Those thoughts and those feelings around those thoughts change what I see and experience internally and externally.

So, start with you.  Your thoughts.  Your knowing is there, waiting for you to turn the volume up and listen to it speak… teach… love.



Ownership Has It's Privileges

Howdy, I was speaking to a relative about communication the other day.  She had never communicated what she wanted or needed but harbored much anger toward those who weren't meeting her needs.  I tried to give her insight into the idea that no one can be held responsible for anyone else's lack of action.  We are all responsible for ourselves and communicating our own needs.  Yet, through our culture of blame it is much easier to see fault in someone not just "knowing" what you need instead of owning the fact that you have to do the work to communicate (as many times as you have to in order to be heard) what it is you need… even if that means risking not getting your needs met.  See, speaking your truth doesn't mean it will be accepted by others… but you cannot get anywhere without trying, without risking, without speaking.  You most certainly have less of a chance of getting what you need if you never actually admit to having needs.

The fear, however, is so great that we hide behind the idea that people should know this or should have know that.  We actually believe that other people should be mind readers even though we don't do a good job of understanding what someone else wants.  We get angry with each other and literally resent people for not knowing what they were never told.  We argue over things being common sense or not, when the reality is, did they know?  Were they told?  Nothing is really obvious when it comes down to it.  If it isn't explicitly communicated you cannot expect it to be understood (even then you may need to do some work around it).  We spend so little time communicating our needs that we don't truly know how to.  Our fear of not being heard or our fear or judgement that we aren't deserving, mixed with our resentment for not getting our needs met create a scary combination.  It is a wonder how any relationship survives (in my opinion).  How many times have you expected someone to treat you one way or another only to have them do something else?  How did you respond?

We are a culture that blames.  We blame the government, the weather, God (if you have one or more), fast food, alcohol, other people, TV, guns, etc.  I don't believe I have ever turned on the TV or listened to the radio to hear our media discuss how each person contributes to their own personal issues, let alone the world's joys and pains.  I don't believe I have ever overheard a conversation where someone was saying, "I must take a long hard look at myself and what I am bringing to this situation that is perpetuating it."  I have heard that they did this, or they did that or they need to stop doing these things and everything would be ok.  It is no wonder why we oftentimes feel powerless over our lives.  It is no wonder why we go to war or have road rage.  It is no wonder why our world is in such turmoil.  We are all pointing the finger at someone/something else, rarely seeing where we can start to make a shift in the world.

How can you take ownership for yourself today?



What Do You Know?

Hello there, I would say that I know myself very well.  I am the expert on me… yet, I have, in the past couple of weeks learned about me in ways I didn't know I would.  So what of this knowing that I was so sure about?  Is it possible that what I believe I know is just what I have decided to tell myself or what I know about me so far?  I believe we put a little too much stock in who we know we are and what we know to be.

When we admit we have no idea we open up the possibility for learning.  I am not sure exactly when we become so rigid, but we all do.  At some point we actually believe that we KNOW something.  We think we know about others, the world, and ourselves.  Regardless of how many times we are shown something we didn't know before, at some point we begin believing that we know crap.  When we say we know, we cut off being open to what else is there.  When we say we know, we are soon shown otherwise.

Understand that everything is in flux, nothing stays the same, what we know is going to change.  We may think that it is important to have information, to master all things that we have chosen to.  There is nothing wrong with that inherently.  It is possible to master what we decide to until we are shown the deeper levels of that thing.  There are always layers to things that reveal themselves only after we are able to see fully the layer that we are on (or when we think we are done learning).  There is always more, always.

When you find yourself in a place where you are stuck on knowing change your language.  Instead of definitive responses say that you know what you like in this moment, or you know where you would like to be at this point.  Knowing, like everything else, changes.  Stay curious and enjoy the journey.



A New Courtship

Hi there, Took a couple of days off and now you get a triple dealio!  Yep, 3 today… spread out of course!

Owning what you want it a big friggin deal.  We don't always feel like we are allowed to say what it is that we actually desire.  We fall into this invisible, but palpable, line of desiring only what is practical, acceptable or allowed to us by religion, our parents, society.  We may never admit that what we want is to paint toenails for a living, if we come from a household that has doctors and lawyers.  We may never admit that what we want is to marry someone of the same-sex, if we come from a deeply religious background.  We may never admit that we want to be a homemaker if we live in a society where people believe that women's liberation means not doing certain things instead of doing what you want.  We accept a lot of rules based very little on what it is we actually would like in our lives.

Often, when we aren't able to figure out what it is that we want, we force it.  We make lists.  We go to places that tell us where we are strong and what we could be good at.  It is odd to me, for someone else to tell me what I want.  I think we have truly come a pretty far distance away from ourselves.  I think that it is time to rekindle the relationship that exists between us and our selves.  What do you do when you want to get to know someone who isn't you?  You usually go on dates, talk on the phone, maybe you write emails.  You certainly ask a lot of questions.  You ask questions about their life, childhood.  You may ask them what they wanted to do when they were younger.  You may even ask some harder questions, questions about hurt and trauma.  You are trying to get to know them, find out what makes them tick and whether or not this is who you want to be with.  You dig deeper with someone else than you dig into yourself.

What if you started courting yourself?  Finding out what you like, going over who you wanted to become when you were a child and what makes you tick.  Sit for hours discussing the world with yourself, being vulnerable and excited for the information that you are being given.  Ask the questions and wait for the answers.  They begin to flood in when you open up.  By the time you have been dating yourself for a while you might realize how much you really do want to be with you for a long, long time and that you have some adjustments to make in your life in order to have the real you exist in it.  Do what is needed to support your relationship with you… that is love.



How Do I Know?

Happy Weekend! How do we know what we know?  How do we know what we feel or what the feeling is for?  What if we have no idea what our feelings really mean, like people looking at a mirror thinking that there is a whole world on the other side instead of just a reflection.  What if feelings were that mirror and nothing more.  What if they actually told you nothing about the external world and were only and external representation of what is happening internally.   However you were feeling would be represented by what you were seeing.  What if our feelings created the external world so that we could practice using the skill that is emotion.

It could be that we are akin to someone from the year 1455 being transported to 2012.  They could very well use computers as artwork and iPods as doorstops. We may not actually have any idea what emotions are for.  We may be using them incorrectly.  How do you know that we aren't?

Ultimately everything is like this.  We go on an idea that we were given and we run with it because it helps, we believe, us function in this time and space.  We rarely believe we could be heading in a direction that isn't the highest level of use of our abilities.  We rarely spend time imagining what we actually could do, what the possibilities are.  When we think of things that are beyond what we have accomplished at this moment we tend to resist it.  It is like our brains, our imaginations are in prison or have been browbeaten to only repeat what is known.  What if you broke out of that once a day.  What if you allowed something that doesn't exist in our present day (that we know of) to exist in your imagination.  You saw it, you felt it, you knew it was true.  What do you think would happen?  How do you think, if at all, the world would shift?



The Way

Howdy, I live my life doing what my intuition directs me to do.  I don't reject my knowing or concern myself with how what I need to do will get done.  So today I met up with a friend from long ago.  She was passing through-ish and we had an hour to catch up on 5 years of no real contact.  It was perfect and just what I needed after a long day.  I felt rejuvenated and connected after our meeting.  I knew that we saw each other at the right time for us both.  I also knew, when she told me that she was going to be in town for a brief moment, that we would meet up, that it would be helpful in the way of affirming our separate paths, and that I wouldn't have to plan too much because it would basically just happen.  I really enjoy not having to over-plan things that are outside of my classes or clients.  I so enjoy going with the energy or knowing that guides me on a regular basis.

We discussed what it feels like to be 'on the path' or another way of saying it, answering a calling.  The best way to describe it is if you are square dancing and everyone creates a bridge or whatever and lets you through.  There is no resistance, there is only encouragement to continue moving forward and to take your position.  Literally, the world opens up and allows you to walk through without much, if any, resistance.  When you accept your calling you have only to begin doing the work, whatever the work your calling requires, and life tastes sweeter, joy is a daily emotion and life becomes easy.  Some people are called to color hair, others are called to drive busses, and still others are meant to organize people's clutter.  The bottom line, there is something, or are somethings you are meant to do and the only thing that is stopping you is your acceptance of it.

When you do your work the work supports you.  There is no reason to concern yourself with how you will take care of yourself or loved ones regardless of what you may imagine in this moment.  Instead of seeing gloom and doom if you follow your dream, passion, calling, see glory, support, love, celebration, and abundance.  When you take care of yourself, everyone benefits, everyone.  We have, in the past, viewed focusing on oneself as being selfish.  I would like to contend that doing your own personal work is the most generous thing that can be done for humanity.  Living the life that serves your soul's intent is you lining up with the stars, the moon, and the entire universe (or divine oneness).

Have fun finding yourself,




Hello there, Pay attention to that voice, the one that isn't mean, the one that isn't abusive.  That abusive a-hole needs to be ignored, and now.  The voice that tells you to turn left instead of right, the voice that tells you to take a walk, to be still, to shut up.  That voice that is trying to get you to calm down and pay attention, most of the time (sometimes that voice will say, "RUN" and you should, knees to chest, if you get my drift).  The bottom line is, your intuition is calling and you would do well to answer the call.

When you know something right away (which is most of the time) and you talk yourself out of it… that is your 'knowing' at work.  What makes you ignore it?  Why do we second guess what we know to be true?  Much of the time we are not aware that we are ignoring our intuition.  Often we deny what we know because we don't like it.  At some point we have to let go of our idea of good and bad and see things as information.  When you judge something as one of two things you bring the other into existence.  That is, bad exists because we have deemed other things to be good.  Yep, it is our doing.  So when we know something, we usually talk ourselves into whatever we feel makes the most sense for the reality we have decided to accept, instead of purposefully create.  We have a concept of reality where there is good and bad, so everything gets filtered in that way… which means much of what is actually happening is absolutely ignored because we feel like it may not fit, or be good.  Take away the judgement and listen to the information.  Listen and feel for it.  You are being given information all of the time.

How would your world work if you acknowledged what that first gut instinct, feeling, motivation told you?  What would you learn about yourself if you paid attention to your knowing?  How would you live your life if you listened to YOU?  What would stay, what would go?  What is stopping you from listening to what you know to be true for you?  How do you begin to move toward being in sync with your voice?

The world is a miraculous, glorious place.  The world is inside of you.  You are amazing.  Remember this, each and everyday.  There is nothing you cannot accomplish when you accept that as fact.



You Are Light

Hello!! What makes you special?  What about you is phenomenal?  If you don't know you would do well to discover it.  There is something, something fantastic and your not knowing it is cheating the world out of something rad!  I understand not admitting it, keeping it to yourself.  Some of us have a complex about our gifts.  I know I did.  Not anymore.  I own who I am and am excited to watch my gifts grow.

I am quick.  Quick talking, thinking and doing.  I have always been quick.  That doesn't mean nothing gets by me, on the contrary, some things have and still do, I can be super gullible.  However, I am perceptive and can quickly see many perspectives in order to bring about an array of solutions to a supposed problem.  I have also always had the ability to 'know.'  Literally.  I know what is happening, what will happen in some ways and what is going on for other people.  It is what it is.  However, for so long I felt bad about sharing my gifts because of feeling like I was putting others down by shining my light so bright.

The truth is, people do sometimes feel less than when you share your gifts.  People do either directly or indirectly ask you to dim your light.  Often this is done by comparing themselves to you in a competitive or negative (self-deprecating) way.  There are many ways people ask others to dim themselves, none of which help the shiny being become shinier.  You know when you are asking to be dimmed because you begin to pretend like you aren't who you are.  You fake being small.  You feel guilty about being good with people, quick with ideas, knowing or whatever gift(s) you have.  You question your abilities and doubt that you really are gifted.  You begin to shrink.  I know I have found myself doing this in various ways over my lifetime.

When you give yourself permission to be all of who you are, you give others the same permission.  Yes, there may be those folks who end up comparing and indirectly asking you to stop being awesome… but ultimately you will find out that people will want to be around you so that they can shine too.  You will create a space that is secure and without judgment for others to be all that they are and more.  When you allow yourself to reach your potential you shine a light on the path for others to do the same.

Shine. Shine. Shine.  Be who you are fully.  Expand.  Be fantastic.  Do you.