How Do I Know?

Happy Weekend! How do we know what we know?  How do we know what we feel or what the feeling is for?  What if we have no idea what our feelings really mean, like people looking at a mirror thinking that there is a whole world on the other side instead of just a reflection.  What if feelings were that mirror and nothing more.  What if they actually told you nothing about the external world and were only and external representation of what is happening internally.   However you were feeling would be represented by what you were seeing.  What if our feelings created the external world so that we could practice using the skill that is emotion.

It could be that we are akin to someone from the year 1455 being transported to 2012.  They could very well use computers as artwork and iPods as doorstops. We may not actually have any idea what emotions are for.  We may be using them incorrectly.  How do you know that we aren't?

Ultimately everything is like this.  We go on an idea that we were given and we run with it because it helps, we believe, us function in this time and space.  We rarely believe we could be heading in a direction that isn't the highest level of use of our abilities.  We rarely spend time imagining what we actually could do, what the possibilities are.  When we think of things that are beyond what we have accomplished at this moment we tend to resist it.  It is like our brains, our imaginations are in prison or have been browbeaten to only repeat what is known.  What if you broke out of that once a day.  What if you allowed something that doesn't exist in our present day (that we know of) to exist in your imagination.  You saw it, you felt it, you knew it was true.  What do you think would happen?  How do you think, if at all, the world would shift?