The Way

Howdy, I live my life doing what my intuition directs me to do.  I don't reject my knowing or concern myself with how what I need to do will get done.  So today I met up with a friend from long ago.  She was passing through-ish and we had an hour to catch up on 5 years of no real contact.  It was perfect and just what I needed after a long day.  I felt rejuvenated and connected after our meeting.  I knew that we saw each other at the right time for us both.  I also knew, when she told me that she was going to be in town for a brief moment, that we would meet up, that it would be helpful in the way of affirming our separate paths, and that I wouldn't have to plan too much because it would basically just happen.  I really enjoy not having to over-plan things that are outside of my classes or clients.  I so enjoy going with the energy or knowing that guides me on a regular basis.

We discussed what it feels like to be 'on the path' or another way of saying it, answering a calling.  The best way to describe it is if you are square dancing and everyone creates a bridge or whatever and lets you through.  There is no resistance, there is only encouragement to continue moving forward and to take your position.  Literally, the world opens up and allows you to walk through without much, if any, resistance.  When you accept your calling you have only to begin doing the work, whatever the work your calling requires, and life tastes sweeter, joy is a daily emotion and life becomes easy.  Some people are called to color hair, others are called to drive busses, and still others are meant to organize people's clutter.  The bottom line, there is something, or are somethings you are meant to do and the only thing that is stopping you is your acceptance of it.

When you do your work the work supports you.  There is no reason to concern yourself with how you will take care of yourself or loved ones regardless of what you may imagine in this moment.  Instead of seeing gloom and doom if you follow your dream, passion, calling, see glory, support, love, celebration, and abundance.  When you take care of yourself, everyone benefits, everyone.  We have, in the past, viewed focusing on oneself as being selfish.  I would like to contend that doing your own personal work is the most generous thing that can be done for humanity.  Living the life that serves your soul's intent is you lining up with the stars, the moon, and the entire universe (or divine oneness).

Have fun finding yourself,