Things Are

Howdy! There is a reason you are reading this, and that your feelings were hurt, or you were happy, or that a, b or c pissed you off.  Instead of lumping something you have experienced in the boxes of good and bad, why not see what those situations are telling you?

When you place the judgement of something being good you are inviting the possibility for bad to happen in your space.  Without good you would not have bad.  The contrast is what makes the distinction, the distinction is what brings about the contrast.  So, how do you not deem something as good or bad?  Well, you take the words out of your language, for the most part.  Seriously, perspective is everything.  I could label things as bad and good and walk away only to see that someone else had come along and changed the labels on a few things.  Wait!  There isn't an inherent good and bad?  You mean that some people think that physical scarring is good and others thing that it is abusive?  Some cultures arrange marriage and others do not, all label their way as the right way to do things. Perspective allows you to see that when you give something a side, you have to allow for it to have another.

Letting go of the words forces you to think in a new way.  Words are powerful, which is why they hurt or heal depending on the person, the words, the time, space, energy.  Take away the good and the bad and you have a thing, an experience that allows you to see the complexities within it.  There are areas that you may want to keep, give back or let go of.  When you look at something as information you pay closer attention to all of the details, you may begin to see where it is actually a benefit to you when you may have only seen it as bad or good.  Labels limit, it is their nature.

Try for one week to practice lessening the labels.  How do things begin to feel when you do?  What information is available to you?




Hello there, Pay attention to that voice, the one that isn't mean, the one that isn't abusive.  That abusive a-hole needs to be ignored, and now.  The voice that tells you to turn left instead of right, the voice that tells you to take a walk, to be still, to shut up.  That voice that is trying to get you to calm down and pay attention, most of the time (sometimes that voice will say, "RUN" and you should, knees to chest, if you get my drift).  The bottom line is, your intuition is calling and you would do well to answer the call.

When you know something right away (which is most of the time) and you talk yourself out of it… that is your 'knowing' at work.  What makes you ignore it?  Why do we second guess what we know to be true?  Much of the time we are not aware that we are ignoring our intuition.  Often we deny what we know because we don't like it.  At some point we have to let go of our idea of good and bad and see things as information.  When you judge something as one of two things you bring the other into existence.  That is, bad exists because we have deemed other things to be good.  Yep, it is our doing.  So when we know something, we usually talk ourselves into whatever we feel makes the most sense for the reality we have decided to accept, instead of purposefully create.  We have a concept of reality where there is good and bad, so everything gets filtered in that way… which means much of what is actually happening is absolutely ignored because we feel like it may not fit, or be good.  Take away the judgement and listen to the information.  Listen and feel for it.  You are being given information all of the time.

How would your world work if you acknowledged what that first gut instinct, feeling, motivation told you?  What would you learn about yourself if you paid attention to your knowing?  How would you live your life if you listened to YOU?  What would stay, what would go?  What is stopping you from listening to what you know to be true for you?  How do you begin to move toward being in sync with your voice?

The world is a miraculous, glorious place.  The world is inside of you.  You are amazing.  Remember this, each and everyday.  There is nothing you cannot accomplish when you accept that as fact.