Go Forward, Move Ahead

Hello, What have you decided you can or cannot accomplish?  What or who do you use as your guide to move forward?  Are you looking back at what is for others or what can be for you?  What is the key, how do we create our reality?

Often when I ask someone about their health and fitness goals they will tell me that they want to lose weight and get toned.  That is the usual desire for most people.  I also hear that some feel that they are in a better place than the people that they know of the rest of the US.  People also say things akin to that about their job being ok and that they cannot expect to like all of it.  I hear people talk about their relationships being work and that you have to go through those hard times and stick with it.  People tend to take the worst situation or the most mediocre and compare their lives to it to feel good or accomplished.  I am asking you to take the highest ideal and look to that for guidance.

Why would you compare yourself to the majority of people who are very, very, very unhealthy?  Wouldn't it make sense to shoot for the moon and have an honest assessment of where you are in relation to where you want to go?  We are so often looking to not feel bad for neglecting ourselves that we look at those doing a worse job to say that we are better than they are.  Well, I have to say, it doesn't actually take much to be at a better spot than most Americans, health-wise.  That type of comparison doesn't actually get you somewhere new either.  You end up just surpassing the bottom rung and having a difficult time elevating much higher.  Get over where you are, accept it without comparing it to someone who has yet to get to your level and look forward at where you want to go.  If you tried to drive to Florida by looking at where you were before and not the road that would take you there, where would you end up?

This is true for relationships as well.  Why would you want to have to effort your way through?  Is love an effort or is it simply abundant.  Maybe you don't believe it is possible for love to simply flow from one person to another and back without effort.  I believe we have all experienced that type of love somewhere in our worlds.  It may be a friend we have where the love is just overflowing.  It may be a family member that we adore with our entire being.  Wherever you have memory of that effortless love, bring it up, to the surface.  Feel it as a reminder so you know when it is and is not there.  If you want to compare, use your highest desire as a directional tool, not the lowest memory you can find.

Work, ahh, work.  We really do believe that we cannot possibly love all of our work… that there will be parts that we simply dislike and that just is the way it is.  If you say so.  I know that you can love what you do just like you can love the sunset or the sunrise.  You can enjoy the details, the big picture and your part in it completely.  We are so afraid of having high expectations that we don't get met… we create a world where we do not get what we want and then we wonder why we don't get what we want.  It is amazing really.  If you believe that there isn't a possibility to love what you do 100% then you are correct.

First, dream.  Where do you want to go?  What is your big daring feeling for your future?  Second, feel the accomplishment of the dream.  What would it feel like to be where you want to be?  Third, dream some more.



Eat This

Helloooooo! Here is a quote from Freelee Frugivore:  (

"I had someone say to me yesterday --> "But compared to most people I am REALLY healthy!"…Do you really want to compare yourself to 'most people' ? Remember most people already have (or are heading for) Obesity, Cancer, Heart disease, Diabetes, Osteoporosis and other life-threatening (but preventable) dis-eases. If you want to compare yourself to others then compare yourself to those who are not only dis-ease free but looking, feeling and performing at their best. In this way comparing yourself to others is a positive as it can help you step up and OWN your health responsibility instead of letting apathy and excuses rule your World."

I cannot tell you how often I hear this same thing and how often I reply in the same manner.  We compare ourselves to the worst and see how we are doing better…. instead of comparing ourselves to our ideals and deciding where we still need work.  It is like we are afraid of working for something.  We are too used to doing a lot of nothing so that doing more than others is doing something and needs to be praised to high heaven.  What you are doing may not actually be enough.  Just so you know, you may need to step it up and move to another level of health & well-being.

Stop making excuses.  Stop piling drugs on top of issues and find out what caused the issue to begin with.  Stop saying you love the food that actually could be making you sick, itchy, inflamed, achy, tired, grumpy, fat, lethargic, sad, hyperactive, etc.  Think about it.  If milk is making you ill, causing your joints to hurt, you lungs to have mucus, your body to age, your tummy to hurt, how the hell can you love it?  Really, continuing to use that which causes us harm is not necessarily what most of us wants.  Please take a moment to look at what you are doing to your health and decide what is more important, how the taste is good or if it is really food.



Body Talk

Howdy Dooodee, How connected to your body are you?  How important do you think it is to be connected to you body?  Would you know what it was saying to you if it needed help?  Have you in the past?

Whether it be disease, infection, exhaustion, allergies or any other ailment, our bodies try to speak to us on a regular basis.  The big issue isn't that we don't hear it, it is that we think it means other that what it does.  We have normalized so many things that are actually signals that something is wrong.  Do you have extra weight (you know what I mean, no muscle definition and a nice layer or not so nice layer of fat over our body), do you have watery eyes, itchy or dry skin, do you have mood swings, do you get tired during the day even if you slept well, do you have feelings of rage, does your breath smell or do you have any other body odor.  How about your sleep, your joints, your muscles.  What are some of the excuses you make for feeling less than great?  Why do you make them?

We look around us, at all of the people eating like sh*t and we say, "everyone ages, everyone feels bad, everyone blah blah blah."  Who is everyone?  Are you talking about people who actually eat as much fresh food as they can, exercise regularly, have some sort of personal development practice for their soul, and are happy?  Or are you talking about most of the people who eat and live pretty crappy?  We believe when we only drink a few times a week, eat sweets once or twice a day and move our bodies 2-3 times at most a week that we should be FINE!  "My goodness" we say, "what is the deal, I work out, I eat good food, yet my body just doesn't cooperate."  Hmm...I hear about people eating good food all the time, yet I know people aren't eating good food, it may taste good, but it isn't healthy or what your body is wanting.  We lie about what we do to ourselves, on all levels.  What about your thoughts.  Are you thinking thoughts that support your health and well-being?  Do you know what kind of thoughts are supportive your self?  

On top of it, we believe that doing any more than what we already do is "extreme."   What if our bodies actually needed to be taken care of 90% better than we take care of them to actually function normally?  What if we don't know what "normal" is because we are all sick?  What if the secret to feeling great all of the time was never touching drugs, meditating in some way and eating foods that have high vibrations?  Would you do it?  What if it brought you to a place where you were rarely tired, never achy, always energetic, positive, completely trim, super strong and generally happy?  Would you put in the work to take care of yourself or would you grab that drink that tastes so good because it tastes so good?  At some point we will have to cease blaming our taste buds for our lack of cherishing our bodies/temples.

Look, I love yummy tasting things as much as the next chick.  I love my sweets.  I find them in the form of bananas, grapes and whatever fruit I can get my hands on.  I get the feeling of letting go of what you have been doing around your health ad well-being.  However, when you know what is at stake, your health, there really isn't any excuse to not take care, all of the time.  If you don't take care, someone else could possibly be burdened to do so for you.  I believe having compassion for the world includes taking the best care of yourself that you can so that no one else will have to… not that it won't happen, but to minimize the chances is a loving thing to do.



Work And Wait For It

Hello, How long have you abused you?  How long have you taken drugs, eaten like sh*t, lived a sedentary (or close to it) life, thought jacked up thoughts about yourself and everyone else, judged everything, allowed others to take advantage or taken advantage of others?  Are your firm, muscular.  Do you have quick reflexes?  Are you alert?  Do you sweat daily?  Do you have any addictions?  If you can say yes to any of the above questions you have work to do.  The work isn't temporary; it will take some time to undo what you have done so well and so consistently.

I have to remind many of my clients that it took them many years to get where they are and it will take 'some' time to get to a place that they have possibly never been or haven't been to in a long time.  In all honesty, it is amazing how quick our bodies, hearts and minds are when it comes to recovery.  A smoker can smoke for 20 years and undo a huge portion of the damage by quitting for less than a year.  Our bodies want desperately to be healthy, feel great and carry us to and fro.  As soon as we show a sign of wanting to actually care for them (our bodies), they work overtime trying to rid themselves, you, of the mess that had been compounded for years.  Think about it like a neighborhood that just keeps getting dumped on.  After years of neglect all sorts of mayhem sets in.  Critter infestations, rot, mold, mildew.  To clean up a neighborhood would take a lot more time than a week, or two.  The manpower and patience alone would be intense.  Cranes may be needed, teams of folks might volunteer to assist.  All in all it would not be an overnight fix.  It could be months before the smell of old, mildewed materials is lifted.

Our bodies are the same way.  We need to give more than two weeks, one month, 6 months to heal the damage we have done.  We have to get it out of our heads that we should feel better after a few days of ridding our daily intake of allergy causing, inflammatory substances.  You have to understand that we are a very complex system.  Our bodies cannot always get rid of the "poison" we ingest in the form of 'food, medicine and libation.  It may be a long process to get ourselves back to a point before we began the slow and methodical destruction of our bodies.  So next time you want to see immediate results from a quickie cleanse/diet/exercise routine ask yourself those same questions I asked you.  How long have you abuse you?  How long?  How long?



Your Responsibility

Sweat.  Daily.  Seriously. I know that my fitness routine (my life) is sometimes daunting and to many seemingly impossible.  I am never trying to get someone to move their body as much as I do, unless they would like to.  But, movement is what life is about.  There are all kinds of ways to get a good sweat and all you need to do is try various activities to find the one that works for you.  Self-care also includes what you use to fuel your body and your mind.  These are your tasks in this life along with whatever you decide is your work (spiritual or otherwise), however, many of us refuse to accept the responsibility of taking care of ourselves and instead make excuses as to why it doesn't or isn't happening.

One of my favorite excuses to staying stuck in stillness are not having enough time.  Enough time for what?  20 minutes?  You don't have 20 minutes?  Really?  Are you being honest?  Maybe your excuse is you don't know what to do.  Ok: Jumping Jacks, Push Ups & Sit Ups - Do 20 each, 19 each, 18 each, 17 each all the way down to 1.  Now you have something to do.  Next.  You don't like exercise?  Do you like looking and feeling good?  Sometimes you have to do things that aren't fun for your own good.  Next.  Maybe you don't think that how you think about something matters.  Ask others, pay attention, see how thoughts become reality.  If this is something you already know and you feel like having to pay attention is too much work, ok.  I think that living a life that you don't like is a lot of work.  Mastering your thoughts is hard but has a much better outlook.  It is your choice of course.

Let's face it, most excuses are not valid.  At some point you will matter.  What you use for your fuel will matter.  How you think about yourself will matter.  Whether your body moves regularly or not will matter.  Imagine waking up feeling ready to go without needing an outside stimulant.  Imagine not needing 10 hours of sleep.  Imagine having energy that allows you to dance, play, sing, enjoy your entire day.  Imagine that for yourself and really see it, visualize what that person would look like, feel like, speak like.  How would that person behave.  That person is you.  It is possible, but you first have to care about how you treat you.  How you feed you.  How you move you.

One day you will begin to stop making excuses and begin living a life you never thought was possible.  One day you will expect, from yourself, the very best and, one day, you will actually be able to give it.  It feels great to hold yourself accountable, to take charge of your life and to feel great in the process.  It really does.  We have been given this wonderful life to take care of.  We have been entrusted with our selves and most of us are abusive parents.

Get started, get going, get it done.



A Vegan Story

Hello!!! When I was 15 I lived with my father in Manhattan.  During a vacation that my father took to the Ivory Coast I was under the loving care of my grandmother.  She went to great lengths to take care of me and that included making sure an active teenager was well fed.  She made me yummy food and left a bunch of things prepared for me to run in and cook up for myself whenever I was hungry.  In the freezer she put homemade hamburger patties for me to fry up at a moments notice.  (You know, it is funny.  I haven't had meat in 23 years so it is strange to think that I used to eat it… oh well, back to the story.)  She informed me of all of the food that was available so that I would never worry about going hungry.  She is a great grandma.

I grew up with a mother who made everything from scratch.  My sister informed us that she was a vegetarian at the age of 12 and my mother simply made meals for us both.  No fuss, no resistance.  At times as a family we had gone without processed sugar and meat, so my sister declaring a special diet wasn't a big deal.  Changing my mind was accepted in my home, and for that I am thankful.

On one particular day I came home starving.  I was excited to have a hamburger and probably fries, I can quite remember.  I pulled a hamburger out to cook up and got all of the fixings ready.  As I went to bite into my hamburger I distinctly heard a "Moooooo" coming from the direction of the burger in my hand.  It was, at that moment where I became a vegetarian.  When I announced this change to my grandmother she, if I am remembering correctly, clasped her hands and looked toward the heavens.  She prayed to Jesus Christ and dropped her head in worry.  My sudden change left her confused and concerned.  She has since grown to accept that choice regardless of whether or not she understands it.

Since that time I have gone on to become vegan (7 years ago).  When I stopped eating dairy so many things changed.  I stopped getting bloated, I became more flexible, my complexion improved, my asthma went away and I was no longer highly allergic to the myriad of things listed on my medical records.  I have had to field many questions around my diet.  The two most popular questions are:  "Where do you get your protein?" and "What do you eat?"  Due to the fact that I work out multiple times a day, most people don't ask me about having energy.  Additionally, the fact that I have good muscle tone and am not a waif, no one asks if I eat "enough."  :)

So, here are the answers:  I eat everything that isn't meat or dairy!  Come on, think people… really.  Go to a grocery store and walk into the produce section.  See all the goodness!  This is what I eat!  Mmmm mmm good.  I also can eat a bunch of unhealthy crap that is found throughout the store.  Tons of things are vegan… to the dismay of the healthy goddess inside of me.  Now, to the protein question:  Protein, what is it?  Well, this is a question that needs a lot of education, but I will try to put it plainly and cite references for you to delve in further.  Protein from animals is called high quality because it has is the closest protein to what we already have.  Proteins are made up of amino acids, of which there are hundreds of thousands of different kinds.  "They function as enzymes, hormones, structural tissue and transport molecules, all of which make life possible.  Proteins wear out on a regular basis and must be replaced.  This is accomplished by consuming foods that contain protein." (The China Study)  The most complete protein would be human flesh actually (chew on that!)  However, because proteins don't wear out all at once and all don't need to be replaced at the same time, you don't actually want or need to eat 'complete' proteins as a way of life.  Too much of something is, well, too much.  What you need is to replace the proteins slow and steady.  The way you do that is with plant-based foods.  Additionally, you don't lose protein like you have a big 'ole leak.  So worrying about having the right combination of plants based protein at every meal is kind of ridiculous.  I suggest you actually read up on what protein is, how it is synthesized and what our history is around the meat and dairy industry.  Knowledge is power, and in this case, health.

When asked about protein I often tell people to look at me.  I am the product of a non-dairy, non-meat diet.  :)  Any questions?

If you actually have questions please ask.  Also check out these sources:  The China Study by T. Colin Campbell, PhD; Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman; Thrive (any of his books) by Brendan Brazier; The Savvy Vegetarian -

There are so many more sources but those are great places to start!



Take Care

We have this body.  All of us are given this amazing creation that will carry us throughout our life.  We are all equipped to basically handle what we may be faced with.  We are supported from day one. Then…

We create societies that support disease and illness in the form of business, ignorance, abuse, and convenience.  Most of us want to turn a blind eye to what we actually are doing to what we have been entrusted with, this amazing body.  If what we did to ourselves had an immediate effect we would all be motivated to be the loving mother to ourselves… but, because it isn't (and for good reason I believe, saved for future discussion) we walk through life believing that it doesn't really matter.  We have these interesting differentiations around what is taking care of oneself and what isn't.  We believe that only poisoning ourselves every now and again is ok, because???  We believe that if we don't get sick right away from it then it isn't a problem.  The problem is we say these things to ourselves for years, we abuse ourselves for years and we wait until the proverbial sh*t hits the fan before we actually start to open our eyes, if then.  The deal is we are so used to being sick we think it is normal.

I believe suicide is not just jumping off of a bridge.  It is the attitude that your health doesn't matter.  It is saying, "I am gonna die at some point" while some form of abuse is being waged by you to you.  You wouldn't hurt someone else and say, "you are going to die at some point."  Why the heck would you say that to yourself?  Another way we justify neglecting our bodies is by saying, "you only live once."  To that I say, "you hope!"  The situation is if you do live once, why would you want to live it creating a breeding ground for illness?  If you don't, you will have hell to pay later, more than likely.

At some point you learn that taking care of your body is not a chore, it is a gift.  If you don't learn it, the ones you leave behind just might.

If you haven't checked your pH ever then start there.  It isn't hard to do, buy some strips at Whole Foods, pee on one, first thing in the morning, then look at the chart.  If you have a body with an environment that is mostly acidic then do some homework… please.  Or ask me, I am here.



Get Up, Stand Up

I am asked all of the time how I have so much energy.  Well, I spend many hours a day moving my body vigorously and that stokes my fire for the rest of my day.  It is like breathing into the flames to bring more heat. Regardless of the weather, of your sleep habits, or your energy level, MOVE your body.  You will feel so much better for it.  Whether it is a jog, tennis, basketball, volleyball, cross fit, indoor cycling, rowing, doing BodyRock TV, or 8 minutes of jumping jacks.  Give your body the opportunity to flush out energy that is sitting and needs to flow.  Give your body the opportunity to sweat out toxins that it cannot without a little push.  Give your body the opportunity to stretch and reach and show some of the potential for movement it has.

We are not supposed to sit all day.  In Australia there was a study of more than 200,000 people that concluded that those who sit most die soonest.  Exercise does not take away this effect, though it does reduce it greatly.  People who sat more than 11 hours a day had a 40% higher risk of dying in the next 3 years than people who sat less than four hours a day.  (This was concluded after adjusting for age, weight, physical activity and general health status).

Yes, I mean to scare you.  If that will get you up out of your chair and into a gym, or outside, or in your living room to begin a daily exercise routine, then so be it.  So many of us worry about working out too much.  Worrying that our bodies need to 'rest' and that we need to let the soreness retreat before we move our bodies intensely again.  Hogwash!!  Worry about the effects of being physically still.  Say you workout for 45 minutes or 3x/week and sleep 8 hours a day. You still have almost 15.5 hours left in your day.  Do you spend most of it sitting?

"We're finding that people who sit more have less desirable levels of cholesterol, blood sugar, triglycerides and even waist size, which increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease and a number of health problems." ~Steven Blair, Epidemiologist

So, how can you tweak your daily routine to take the sitting out of it, just a little bit?  Give your body a break by moving it most of the day.  You will not be sorry.