Body Talk

Howdy Dooodee, How connected to your body are you?  How important do you think it is to be connected to you body?  Would you know what it was saying to you if it needed help?  Have you in the past?

Whether it be disease, infection, exhaustion, allergies or any other ailment, our bodies try to speak to us on a regular basis.  The big issue isn't that we don't hear it, it is that we think it means other that what it does.  We have normalized so many things that are actually signals that something is wrong.  Do you have extra weight (you know what I mean, no muscle definition and a nice layer or not so nice layer of fat over our body), do you have watery eyes, itchy or dry skin, do you have mood swings, do you get tired during the day even if you slept well, do you have feelings of rage, does your breath smell or do you have any other body odor.  How about your sleep, your joints, your muscles.  What are some of the excuses you make for feeling less than great?  Why do you make them?

We look around us, at all of the people eating like sh*t and we say, "everyone ages, everyone feels bad, everyone blah blah blah."  Who is everyone?  Are you talking about people who actually eat as much fresh food as they can, exercise regularly, have some sort of personal development practice for their soul, and are happy?  Or are you talking about most of the people who eat and live pretty crappy?  We believe when we only drink a few times a week, eat sweets once or twice a day and move our bodies 2-3 times at most a week that we should be FINE!  "My goodness" we say, "what is the deal, I work out, I eat good food, yet my body just doesn't cooperate."  Hmm...I hear about people eating good food all the time, yet I know people aren't eating good food, it may taste good, but it isn't healthy or what your body is wanting.  We lie about what we do to ourselves, on all levels.  What about your thoughts.  Are you thinking thoughts that support your health and well-being?  Do you know what kind of thoughts are supportive your self?  

On top of it, we believe that doing any more than what we already do is "extreme."   What if our bodies actually needed to be taken care of 90% better than we take care of them to actually function normally?  What if we don't know what "normal" is because we are all sick?  What if the secret to feeling great all of the time was never touching drugs, meditating in some way and eating foods that have high vibrations?  Would you do it?  What if it brought you to a place where you were rarely tired, never achy, always energetic, positive, completely trim, super strong and generally happy?  Would you put in the work to take care of yourself or would you grab that drink that tastes so good because it tastes so good?  At some point we will have to cease blaming our taste buds for our lack of cherishing our bodies/temples.

Look, I love yummy tasting things as much as the next chick.  I love my sweets.  I find them in the form of bananas, grapes and whatever fruit I can get my hands on.  I get the feeling of letting go of what you have been doing around your health ad well-being.  However, when you know what is at stake, your health, there really isn't any excuse to not take care, all of the time.  If you don't take care, someone else could possibly be burdened to do so for you.  I believe having compassion for the world includes taking the best care of yourself that you can so that no one else will have to… not that it won't happen, but to minimize the chances is a loving thing to do.