Take Care

We have this body.  All of us are given this amazing creation that will carry us throughout our life.  We are all equipped to basically handle what we may be faced with.  We are supported from day one. Then…

We create societies that support disease and illness in the form of business, ignorance, abuse, and convenience.  Most of us want to turn a blind eye to what we actually are doing to what we have been entrusted with, this amazing body.  If what we did to ourselves had an immediate effect we would all be motivated to be the loving mother to ourselves… but, because it isn't (and for good reason I believe, saved for future discussion) we walk through life believing that it doesn't really matter.  We have these interesting differentiations around what is taking care of oneself and what isn't.  We believe that only poisoning ourselves every now and again is ok, because???  We believe that if we don't get sick right away from it then it isn't a problem.  The problem is we say these things to ourselves for years, we abuse ourselves for years and we wait until the proverbial sh*t hits the fan before we actually start to open our eyes, if then.  The deal is we are so used to being sick we think it is normal.

I believe suicide is not just jumping off of a bridge.  It is the attitude that your health doesn't matter.  It is saying, "I am gonna die at some point" while some form of abuse is being waged by you to you.  You wouldn't hurt someone else and say, "you are going to die at some point."  Why the heck would you say that to yourself?  Another way we justify neglecting our bodies is by saying, "you only live once."  To that I say, "you hope!"  The situation is if you do live once, why would you want to live it creating a breeding ground for illness?  If you don't, you will have hell to pay later, more than likely.

At some point you learn that taking care of your body is not a chore, it is a gift.  If you don't learn it, the ones you leave behind just might.

If you haven't checked your pH ever then start there.  It isn't hard to do, buy some strips at Whole Foods, pee on one, first thing in the morning, then look at the chart.  If you have a body with an environment that is mostly acidic then do some homework… please.  Or ask me, I am here.