Eat This

Helloooooo! Here is a quote from Freelee Frugivore:  (

"I had someone say to me yesterday --> "But compared to most people I am REALLY healthy!"…Do you really want to compare yourself to 'most people' ? Remember most people already have (or are heading for) Obesity, Cancer, Heart disease, Diabetes, Osteoporosis and other life-threatening (but preventable) dis-eases. If you want to compare yourself to others then compare yourself to those who are not only dis-ease free but looking, feeling and performing at their best. In this way comparing yourself to others is a positive as it can help you step up and OWN your health responsibility instead of letting apathy and excuses rule your World."

I cannot tell you how often I hear this same thing and how often I reply in the same manner.  We compare ourselves to the worst and see how we are doing better…. instead of comparing ourselves to our ideals and deciding where we still need work.  It is like we are afraid of working for something.  We are too used to doing a lot of nothing so that doing more than others is doing something and needs to be praised to high heaven.  What you are doing may not actually be enough.  Just so you know, you may need to step it up and move to another level of health & well-being.

Stop making excuses.  Stop piling drugs on top of issues and find out what caused the issue to begin with.  Stop saying you love the food that actually could be making you sick, itchy, inflamed, achy, tired, grumpy, fat, lethargic, sad, hyperactive, etc.  Think about it.  If milk is making you ill, causing your joints to hurt, you lungs to have mucus, your body to age, your tummy to hurt, how the hell can you love it?  Really, continuing to use that which causes us harm is not necessarily what most of us wants.  Please take a moment to look at what you are doing to your health and decide what is more important, how the taste is good or if it is really food.