Your Job Is Great

Howdy, When you do a good job on something that is good for you the thanks come in the form of improvement.  You don't actually get external praise for taking care of yourself.  I do think it is only natural to want to get some love for a job well done.  We all like positive reinforcement.  We all want love.  The thing is, at this point a job well done is a job that truly is just getting the basics done.  Most people aren't even touching the surface of going beyond what is necessary to just exist and feel great.  Feeling great is actually an accomplishment these days… and one that isn't reached very often.  We live in a world where people are sick and exhausted, unhappy and unmotivated, malnourished and obese, and believe that this is just living…  So when someone doesn't feel crappy, doesn't eat crappy, doesn't think crappy praise is sometimes desired.  I believe you need to praise yourself and move forward and not expect it from anyone else.

Your work is you.  You and only you, not even your kids.  In other words, the only person who you can be attached to an outcome with is yourself.  Your body, your mind, your heart and your soul are all yours to take care of at the very minimum.  We have gotten so far away from our selves that we think we aren't even our responsibility.  By the time we get around to recognizing that we have to take care of ourselves we are in a state of disarray.  Our bodies are hurting, our minds are slow, our emotions are stunted.  It often takes a big even to even alert us to the fact that we are gifted with this body, this heart and this mind and it may be able to take a lot of abuse but we do break at some point.  What if you didn't wait until you broke to keep everything running smoothly?  What if you didn't think it was a big deal to do the bare minimum to stay great?  Imagine that world where we are all running around feeling, looking and thinking our best.  What if breaking was a rare situation, the exception instead of the norm?  

We praise father's for not leaving.  We praise people for losing weight.  We praise people for getting good grades.  We have really low expectations it seems.  We have made doing the bare minimum as a person an exceptional feat.  At this point the ones that are doing their work steadily and succeeding are the exception and nothing to write home about.  I do believe in positive reinforcement, but with self-care, that is the by-product, end result, the point, everything.  When you take care of yourself you are taken care of.  You don't need to be told that you are awesome, doing a great job or coddled by anyone, though it is always nice, it isn't necessary or needed.  Your own self-confidence (another result of self-care) is plenty.  Your own sense of well-being is the reward for being great to you.  When you live your life as if it was the miracle it is and treated it with the utmost of care we would live in a different world.  

How can you stop taking yourself for granted and making excuses?  How can you stop comparing yourself to the broken ones around you and begin to look skyward with confidence?  How can you imagine something bigger something more for yourself and believe that not only is it a possibility but it is your destiny?  The only limits are those your mind can dream up, the only obstacle is you.  What will you do to get beyond yourself so you can fully rise to becoming your Self?




You Are Great!

Hello hello, compliment

Do you think someone is amazing?  Do you like the dress they are wearing.  How about their haircut?  Did someone just walk past you and smell really delicious?  Are you honored to be able to connect with a specific someone?  Have you told anyone or any of them any of this?  How often do you sing the praises of someone you feel is amazing, to them?  When was the last time you went up to the person you admired, loved, were struck by and told them, to their face, that you thought they were great, awesome, smelled good, etc?  This is something that we need to do, daily, at least.  We all are in need of a boost of love.  

I rarely get hit on.  Maybe I don't recognize it all of the time, but to me it seems to be a very infrequent occurrence.  I have been told that it was because people think that I wouldn't give them the time of day.  Well, to that I say, how would you know if you don't even try?  Think about it, if everyone thinks I am out of their league the one person that is bold enough to go for it has a pretty darn great chance.  When you don't put the love out there the love never has a chance to bounce back and gain momentum as it returns to you.  This is true for anything that you feel warm and fuzzy about.  When you are appreciating someone, when you are feeling love for them, share it.  The sharing supports love being abundant in the world and that reinforces the fact that the person being told these loving things is loved.    

So tell that friend what you feel.  Let your co-worker that you can count on know that they are amazing.  Tell the guy with the cool hair that you think his hair is amazing.  When you share your feelings of love for another (platonic or otherwise) you increase that love exponentially.  Besides, even if the person has heard something loving about themselves, they never tire of being told that they are wonderful, brilliant, beautiful, a stunner, a great dresser, etc.  Never think because someone is confident that you can get away with not telling them that you think they are the bomb diggity.  They need it the most sometimes because everyone assumes that everyone else has told them these lovely things and maybe they don't want to hear the same loving thoughts again.  Believe me, they do.  The ones who support others needs the support too, almost more than anyone else.  

Send out verbal and energetic love to those you encounter today.  Trust that we all need love and that you have plenty to give and receive.  Be bold and give it out without expectation.  Then, wait for it…