It's Right, It's Wrong

Howdy!!! I recently told someone that I am never wrong.  I meant this and still do.  I also believe the same for others.  Wrong implies that there is a 'right' and that this 'right' is unshakeable, truth, reality, fact.  The only truth is that right and wrong are opinions…  and you know that opinions are like assholes… everyone has one.  So if everyone has an opinion and opinions determine right and wrong (or religion which is the same damn thing) then I would wager that right and wrong are more about control and less about love.  I believe that right and wrong exist to make insecurities less insecure.

I may do something that you don't like or appreciate.  I may do or say something that annoys or offends you.  You may decide that I am annoying or offensive.  To that I say, you forgot to put "to me" at the end of your sentence so it would read accurately, "You are offensive (or annoying) to me."  To which I would say, "ok."  I am not bothered by the opinion of others, that often, because I don't consider others' opinions my truth.  My truth lives within me and motivates me to do what I feel makes sense for the world that I live in.  We may find that vibrationally we relate to many others and then there are some that you just won't relate to, depending on where they are evolutionarily/vibrationally.  Just because it doesn't make sense to me doesn't mean that it is right or wrong universally… it may be not what works for the world I am creating daily, it may undermine my vision of joy and peace on earth, but that doesn't make it right or wrong in general.  I have not seen (or remembered) enough of what the universe has planned in order to know what the 'big picture' is.  So, I humbly move within the space I understand, and that is a place of love and acceptance that all that exists is meant to.

Once we stop the blame game, the judgement game, the less than or more than game, we may begin to play well with others.  Once we stop deciding that we know all there is to know and become curios about how another sees the world, we might begin to grow.  Once we stop creating a world where there is one side or the other we might get to see the vast array of all that there is and all that there will be.  Until then you will see things as right and wrong and so they shall be.




Howdy! We have all felt stuck.  We have all felt like we weren't able to get out of wherever we are.  We have all annoyed our friends because our lack of action to move away from what is seemingly hurting us.  The bottom line is you will stay where you are until you are ready to leave.  Period.  Know this.  No one can make any choices for you and you cannot rush being ready to choose.  There are things that you are learning, valuable things that you will never forget… it is hard to have perspective when you feel that you are in the middle of hell.

Remember that how someone behaves towards you is an example of how they are treating themselves.  It is hard to remember to not take things personally when you are the one being treated one way or another… but we are all bringing to us what we need to learn from and that is the difficult reality that most would choose not to face.  The universe hears us and has a completely different definition of love and compassion than the ones we would like them to have.  The universe knows that love is giving you what you need to learn what you must in order to move forward.  The universe doesn't play favorites, it isn't biased.  It answers our soul's longing for growth and creates what we resonate.

Resonate.  Resonate.  Resonate.  This is my message for you today.  Imagine you are a guitar being strum.  What notes will you produce if you were being played?  What music does your heart make?  If you were being played in a music hall, who would come to fill up the seats and listen?  What type of crowd would line up around the block to hear one note from your symphony?  Would you have people who were crying and lamenting being drawn to you?  Would your audience be pensive or melancholy?  Would it be a crowd that was filled with angst and anger?  Or would you have a crowd that was so filled up with love and joy that you were lifted up by their presence as they are by yours?  Resonate.  Resonate.  Resonate…on purpose.  Because you do it anyway.  Make the music you want to hear.  That music you make changes the 'where you are' to the 'where you want to be'.

Have a great day!



To Be Loved

"Honor the ocean of love." ~George De Benneville When I am working I am listening to music much of the time, either because I am making mixes for class or because I am playing videos (looking for inspiration and because I LOVE videos) or just because music is my heart.  Recently I realized just how much love is being pumped into and out of music.  Most songs are love songs.  Most artists write inspirational poetry and set it to inspirational music.  There is an insane amount of positive thinking and feeling in music.  When that realization hit me I began to see the same thing in just about everything.  I realized that we spend a lot of time sending love out into the world in so many ways, yet, what we see is the negative.  What we pay attention to is the dark and stormy.  We put the lower vibrational stuff on the news, in our conversations and we remember what went 'wrong' than the infinite number of 'rights' that happen day in and day out.

We don't appreciate the absolute and complete abundance of LOVE that exists and that keeps us going.  Think about your day.  You drive to work, possibly, someone allows you to make a left turn.  You slow down for someone else.  You stop for a pedestrian.  You wave at someone for letting you pass.  Someone asks you what floor you want to go to in an elevator.  You get a random smile from a stranger.  Someone is at work so that you can hear music on your radio in your car or in your house.  We have systems set up so that we are aware of dangers.  We have lights to make sure traffic runs well, signs to keep people safe.  Someone prepares your food so that you aren't hungry and you have a choice of what to eat.  Kindness and love are the norm.  It is how we are the majority of the time.

It makes sense that we focus on the negative, that it stands out.  It isn't the norm.  We aren't 'used' to it.  When something happens that doesn't seem loving we tend to dwell on it, which puts energy into it.  What would happen if we didn't allow our energy, our vibration, to match the vibration of the situation or person that was vibrating on a lower level?  What if instead of meeting the negative we brought it to our level?

Today (whatever day you are reading this) try to shine light on the dark.  Hold your energy at a level that allows love and dissipates anything else.  Even if that means you are working on you the whole day… keeping the light part of you in charge.  See what happens.  See what your world begins to look like.



"Love seeks no cause beyond itself and no fruit; it is its own fruit, its own enjoyment.  I love because I love; I love in order that I may love." ~St. Bernard