It's Right, It's Wrong

Howdy!!! I recently told someone that I am never wrong.  I meant this and still do.  I also believe the same for others.  Wrong implies that there is a 'right' and that this 'right' is unshakeable, truth, reality, fact.  The only truth is that right and wrong are opinions…  and you know that opinions are like assholes… everyone has one.  So if everyone has an opinion and opinions determine right and wrong (or religion which is the same damn thing) then I would wager that right and wrong are more about control and less about love.  I believe that right and wrong exist to make insecurities less insecure.

I may do something that you don't like or appreciate.  I may do or say something that annoys or offends you.  You may decide that I am annoying or offensive.  To that I say, you forgot to put "to me" at the end of your sentence so it would read accurately, "You are offensive (or annoying) to me."  To which I would say, "ok."  I am not bothered by the opinion of others, that often, because I don't consider others' opinions my truth.  My truth lives within me and motivates me to do what I feel makes sense for the world that I live in.  We may find that vibrationally we relate to many others and then there are some that you just won't relate to, depending on where they are evolutionarily/vibrationally.  Just because it doesn't make sense to me doesn't mean that it is right or wrong universally… it may be not what works for the world I am creating daily, it may undermine my vision of joy and peace on earth, but that doesn't make it right or wrong in general.  I have not seen (or remembered) enough of what the universe has planned in order to know what the 'big picture' is.  So, I humbly move within the space I understand, and that is a place of love and acceptance that all that exists is meant to.

Once we stop the blame game, the judgement game, the less than or more than game, we may begin to play well with others.  Once we stop deciding that we know all there is to know and become curios about how another sees the world, we might begin to grow.  Once we stop creating a world where there is one side or the other we might get to see the vast array of all that there is and all that there will be.  Until then you will see things as right and wrong and so they shall be.



Getting Past It

"Change is inevitable, growth is intentional."  ~Anonymous Howdy!

We all have our personal areas of work.  Some of the areas of work for me are seeing what is and not just what could be.  I tend to get attached to potential, which works in my work, not in my personal life.  Others area may deal with food, money, love, lust, anger, etc.  I often hear people say,  after repeating something they 'used' to do, "I thought I was past that."  When I hear that an alarm goes off for me.  In that statement there are so many things that cover up what is going on.  First, there is regret and shame.  Second, the behavior that is being discussed was judged/deemed to be inappropriate, bad or undesirable.  Third it says, clearly to me, that we the person is approaching growth from the angle of getting rid of instead of accepting (because of the judgement).

When you are working on yourself and you are looking at something you are not pleased with, say you overeat when you are stressed (I totally do this… I also can under eat).  Maybe you have worked for many years to move to a place where you no longer use food as a method to handle, or numb yourself to stress.  Maybe it has been years since you have binged or withheld food around a stressful situation or event.  Then, one day, you find out something that sends you reeling and you find yourself buying 'comfort' food and eating it all in one sitting.  Or you find yourself refusing food and falling into a deep depression.  Once you are able to see the situation with some perspective you may feel like you have regressed or gone backwards.  This is only the case if evolution was about leaving all that you were behind.  I don't believe this is true.  I believe the concept of evolution isn't about getting rid of your history, I believe it is about accepting it and knowing that you are all, can do all, have done all.

When you move forward you aren't dropping off or losing pieces of who you were and what you have done.  You are taking it all and using it for future reference, to relate to others, to choose to use or not to use when you deem appropriate… to remember where you began.  Acceptance is one of the main areas of evolution.  Accepting that we are capable of all that we have done and so much more.  When you believe you have moved past something you are believing that it is possible to rise above being human in this human experience.  I feel like that phrase is actually the sign that you need to (and will) experience that 'thing' again.  It is like saying, I thought I had moved past using the bathroom… or breathing… or living.  Our lives, our experiences are not to be moved past, but to be taken in.  Seen.  Appreciated.  Given attention.  You move past things when you are walking, biking, driving.  You learn from and take with you your experiences.  That is what makes you, you.

When you realize you don't move past your behaviors you are better equipped to be aware when the ones you aren't keen on expressing begin to creep up.  You have the power to choose when to use the behavior or not.  When you accept that you are someone who is capable of using food to numb yourself you can remember to use food for fuel instead, regardless of what is happening in your world.

You will be faced with yourself (the parts you love and the parts you don't) time and time again; how you respond when faced with those things about you that aren't your ideal is where so much great work is waiting to be done.  Growth isn't about getting past something, it is about taking that 'thing'  by the hand and walking along your path, keeping it where you would like it to be; taking charge of all of you.  Using the experiences from the past to help guide you towards your desired future is why I believe we remember anything at all.

"Growth begins when we begin to accept our own weakness."  ~Jean Vanier