Be Happy Now

Hello there, How many times a day do you say no, silently, to your world, your life, to others?  How many times do you wish for something that isn't happening at the moment?  How often do you try to change what has already happened by going over it in your head and remembering it differently.  How many times do you try to get someone to be someone else, including yourself?  How do you think your world is affected when you deny, refuse, resist and consistently try to wish away what is?  Is life, your life, that unsatisfactory that wanting something other than what you have is more fun, more rewarding and overall more enjoyable?

Happiness is not something you shoot for.  Joy isn't a goal.  These are states we have always within us, totally accessible.  We spend so much time choosing to dislike what is that we never see the beauty in the moment.  We take for granted all that supports, loves and appreciates us because it isn't exactly what we want it to be or how we would like it to be.  The truth is we may never get where we want to go, we may not be around long enough.  Nothing is promised, certainly not an amount of time in this human experience, so, though planning for the future is important, being attached to it isn't.  The future has a mind of its own and it is better to bet on what is right now.

Learning to love this moment brings you to that state of being we call happiness.  Loving the moment doesn't stop you from wanting the moment to change or be something else.  It allows for you to spend less time efforting change.  When you are happy, when joy seeps from your pores the world is yours.  What you thought you had to force now flows easily in your direction.  What you thought was going to take forever and be a struggle is done with joy and realized sooner than you thought.  Most of all you forget to be miserable when you are busy being happy.  You forget to worry when you trust in the moment you are in.  When you give up resisting your life, your life stops resisting you.

Be expansive, be joyful, be love.



Plenty or On Scarcity - Part I

“There is no scarcity of opportunity to make a living at what you love; there's only scarcity of resolve to make it happen.” ~Wayne Dyer

Hi There!

Most people live in a world where things run out, where there isn't enough.  Most of us are upset when we see someone who has more than what we believe they need.  We call them greedy or demonize them for having more than we have ever had and possibly ever will.  At the same time we judge them we long for various things, stress about not having enough and create an unhealthy relationship to money & our own self-worth.

It would be wise for us to stop putting people down who have a lot.  The only reason there is anger around it is because you do not have as much.  The bullshit talk about what you would or wouldn't do with the money or how someone should or should not use it really is none of your business.  The issue is believing that there is only so much money to be had and that somehow the ones who are rich have taken your share.  If you knew that money was as abundant as opinions would you be concerned about how much one person had compared to another?

Imagine spending your time creating a reality where you had what you needed, whatever amount of money and love and food and joy.  Imagine putting your energy into that and letting everyone else do the same without your judgement around it.  You could do what you have decided is important instead of pushing your belief of philanthropy and morals on others.  Imagine you stopped sending out hate towards others who have figured out how to create abundance in their lives.  Imagine asking those people who have succeeded in creating the lives they dreamt of how they did it instead of deciding that you are somehow negatively affected by their abundance.  It is the same idea of gay marriage ruining straight marriage.  One doesn't take away from the other.  Rich people don't hurt poor people; the idea that rich folks have taken poor people's money is what hurts everyone.  The idea that scarcity is reality is dangerous.

When you understand that there is enough, more than enough you begin to relax and allow it all to flow to you.  You have to first be open to being deserving.  You will have to admit that you are good enough and smart enough and worthy.  When you see your own worth you can see it in others.  When you see the worth of others you will wish for them abundance as well.

Good luck


Why Wait?

Howdy! Is there something that you have waited on getting for yourself?  Are you withholding some joy because you think it is too extravagant?  What is that about?  Are you punishing yourself?  Are you deciding that you aren't deserving?

Well, today I bought a lawn chair.  Not just any lawn chair, mind you, but a fancy shmancy lounger that cost more than 19.99 like those plastic doohickees.  Nope, a nice sexy comfy one that I wish I had purchased ages ago!  What the heck was I waiting for?

It is amazing how we put off doing things for ourselves that we really want to do.  It could be relating to health, recreation, lawn decoration, or any other number of things.  Basically, we make excuses, some of which are very compelling, but all are still just that:  excuses.  The only thing in your way on the road to what you want in your life (or yard, as it were) is you.  It is best you see how often and firm you stand in the way and move.

Life is short, indeed.  Shorter for some than others.  The thing is, nothing is promised.  Now I am not saying that you don't take care of what you have agreed to take care of or risk everything for momentary thrill, unless you want to.  Honestly, it is your life to do what you will.  If you have a desire to be something, do something or create something different from what you have before, then go for it?  Why wait?  When would be a good time to live your life?  When would be a good time to be happy living your life?

The lawn chair signifies a lot about the way I want to live ideally.  Having furniture that is yummy just for me to fall asleep outside on is frickin fantastic… and part and parcel to what I see for myself and what I am creating for myself.  When you begin to feel like you can live the life you want, that life comes to your door and meets you where you.  You have to do the work but the work becomes the joy because the journey becomes the point.

Maybe the steps to you finding your joy is taking care of your fitness and creating the health and physique you have wanted forever, maybe it is going to therapy, getting acupuncture, journaling or beginning a meditation practice.  Whatever it is you are in charge of bringing it to you by going after it first.

Have fun!



Sadness & Joy

Happy Holiday Weekend :) Today I was thinking about the ebb and flow of emotion that so many of us go through and sometimes feel we have little control over.  Sometimes it is hard to understand that hell is a place we decide to go.  It is where we are if we choose it to be.  We are taught that what is real is what we are taught.  Everything else is to be left to childish musings and not important.  Do you remember just being happy, for no "reason" at all; running around because you could; playing and learning as easily as you breathed?  We get told a lie… that our feelings dictate what we must do, that we can't control how we feel or that our actions are justified by our feelings.  In actuality we can (and in order to evolve) will change how we respond to how we feel without judging a feeling as bad or good, but by understanding if it serves us to just be aware or to react.

When we do pay attention to our feelings as information for "what to do next" we find that we have the right to take sadness and turn it into joy (fear into love, apathy into empathy)… the joy for gaining the knowledge that something isn't working for us.  The joy that having the feeling of sadness will lead us to joy… to what brings us joy.  Knowing that sadness isn't something you can ignore tells you that it is a pretty important feeling to have that leads the way to a greater understanding of yourself.  Sadness is often recognizing we have left ourselves and begun to believe false things like we aren't good enough, lovable, smart, pretty, unworthy, etc.  Sadness is an alarm that is there to wake us up.

Finding the joy in awareness takes a shift.  It sounds easy, and in some ways it is… but in most it is a long and winding road.  It is a hard thing to learn, that we are the cause of our sorrow and the makers of our own joy.  It is a lot of responsibility that we have no problem placing on others.  Take your world into your hands and create the life, the love, and the joy you seek.  If you did that, how would it feel?


Someone put

You on a slave block

And the unreal bought



Now I keep coming to your owner



"This one is mine."


You often overhear us talking

And this can make your heart leap

With excitement.


Don't worry,

I will not let sadness

Possess you.


I will gladly borrow all the gold

I need


To get you