Why Wait?

Howdy! Is there something that you have waited on getting for yourself?  Are you withholding some joy because you think it is too extravagant?  What is that about?  Are you punishing yourself?  Are you deciding that you aren't deserving?

Well, today I bought a lawn chair.  Not just any lawn chair, mind you, but a fancy shmancy lounger that cost more than 19.99 like those plastic doohickees.  Nope, a nice sexy comfy one that I wish I had purchased ages ago!  What the heck was I waiting for?

It is amazing how we put off doing things for ourselves that we really want to do.  It could be relating to health, recreation, lawn decoration, or any other number of things.  Basically, we make excuses, some of which are very compelling, but all are still just that:  excuses.  The only thing in your way on the road to what you want in your life (or yard, as it were) is you.  It is best you see how often and firm you stand in the way and move.

Life is short, indeed.  Shorter for some than others.  The thing is, nothing is promised.  Now I am not saying that you don't take care of what you have agreed to take care of or risk everything for momentary thrill, unless you want to.  Honestly, it is your life to do what you will.  If you have a desire to be something, do something or create something different from what you have before, then go for it?  Why wait?  When would be a good time to live your life?  When would be a good time to be happy living your life?

The lawn chair signifies a lot about the way I want to live ideally.  Having furniture that is yummy just for me to fall asleep outside on is frickin fantastic… and part and parcel to what I see for myself and what I am creating for myself.  When you begin to feel like you can live the life you want, that life comes to your door and meets you where you.  You have to do the work but the work becomes the joy because the journey becomes the point.

Maybe the steps to you finding your joy is taking care of your fitness and creating the health and physique you have wanted forever, maybe it is going to therapy, getting acupuncture, journaling or beginning a meditation practice.  Whatever it is you are in charge of bringing it to you by going after it first.

Have fun!