Plenty or On Scarcity - Part I

“There is no scarcity of opportunity to make a living at what you love; there's only scarcity of resolve to make it happen.” ~Wayne Dyer

Hi There!

Most people live in a world where things run out, where there isn't enough.  Most of us are upset when we see someone who has more than what we believe they need.  We call them greedy or demonize them for having more than we have ever had and possibly ever will.  At the same time we judge them we long for various things, stress about not having enough and create an unhealthy relationship to money & our own self-worth.

It would be wise for us to stop putting people down who have a lot.  The only reason there is anger around it is because you do not have as much.  The bullshit talk about what you would or wouldn't do with the money or how someone should or should not use it really is none of your business.  The issue is believing that there is only so much money to be had and that somehow the ones who are rich have taken your share.  If you knew that money was as abundant as opinions would you be concerned about how much one person had compared to another?

Imagine spending your time creating a reality where you had what you needed, whatever amount of money and love and food and joy.  Imagine putting your energy into that and letting everyone else do the same without your judgement around it.  You could do what you have decided is important instead of pushing your belief of philanthropy and morals on others.  Imagine you stopped sending out hate towards others who have figured out how to create abundance in their lives.  Imagine asking those people who have succeeded in creating the lives they dreamt of how they did it instead of deciding that you are somehow negatively affected by their abundance.  It is the same idea of gay marriage ruining straight marriage.  One doesn't take away from the other.  Rich people don't hurt poor people; the idea that rich folks have taken poor people's money is what hurts everyone.  The idea that scarcity is reality is dangerous.

When you understand that there is enough, more than enough you begin to relax and allow it all to flow to you.  You have to first be open to being deserving.  You will have to admit that you are good enough and smart enough and worthy.  When you see your own worth you can see it in others.  When you see the worth of others you will wish for them abundance as well.

Good luck