Sadness & Joy

Happy Holiday Weekend :) Today I was thinking about the ebb and flow of emotion that so many of us go through and sometimes feel we have little control over.  Sometimes it is hard to understand that hell is a place we decide to go.  It is where we are if we choose it to be.  We are taught that what is real is what we are taught.  Everything else is to be left to childish musings and not important.  Do you remember just being happy, for no "reason" at all; running around because you could; playing and learning as easily as you breathed?  We get told a lie… that our feelings dictate what we must do, that we can't control how we feel or that our actions are justified by our feelings.  In actuality we can (and in order to evolve) will change how we respond to how we feel without judging a feeling as bad or good, but by understanding if it serves us to just be aware or to react.

When we do pay attention to our feelings as information for "what to do next" we find that we have the right to take sadness and turn it into joy (fear into love, apathy into empathy)… the joy for gaining the knowledge that something isn't working for us.  The joy that having the feeling of sadness will lead us to joy… to what brings us joy.  Knowing that sadness isn't something you can ignore tells you that it is a pretty important feeling to have that leads the way to a greater understanding of yourself.  Sadness is often recognizing we have left ourselves and begun to believe false things like we aren't good enough, lovable, smart, pretty, unworthy, etc.  Sadness is an alarm that is there to wake us up.

Finding the joy in awareness takes a shift.  It sounds easy, and in some ways it is… but in most it is a long and winding road.  It is a hard thing to learn, that we are the cause of our sorrow and the makers of our own joy.  It is a lot of responsibility that we have no problem placing on others.  Take your world into your hands and create the life, the love, and the joy you seek.  If you did that, how would it feel?


Someone put

You on a slave block

And the unreal bought



Now I keep coming to your owner



"This one is mine."


You often overhear us talking

And this can make your heart leap

With excitement.


Don't worry,

I will not let sadness

Possess you.


I will gladly borrow all the gold

I need


To get you