No Excuses, No Regrets

Howdy!! I have a lot of experience in a lot of areas.  I feel that I have really lived a life.  I am pretty protective of my life… and around judgment of it.  I don't care to hear what you think if you are thinking negatively about my life.  I know that I am doing what I am supposed to do… period.  I don't ever feel that I am living in error.  I also make it clear to everyone that I know that they are not allowed to put that energy into my world, that I am making mistakes.  There are no mistakes or missteps in my life.  None.  I see the beauty of every moment, every nuance.  It truly is spectacular.

Today as I was hanging out with a dear, dear friend, one of my favorites, and discussing the oft-times hilarious and other times tragic situations of my love life when she quickly pointed out that I needed to stop dating this or that type of person.  I immediately realized that I had basically had it up to my neck with any and everyone missing what I believe to be the point of life and my life in particular (since it was what was under discussion).  First, do I  feel like I need to stop doing something, because who gives two shits about someone else thinking I need to do something different?  I don't, that is who.  Second, am I wondering "why me" as a victim minded person would?  Ummm no.  I know why… always do.  Do I feel like I don't have a handle on it?  Or is it that she or anyone, for that matter, would like to see me do something different?  If that is the case, what anyone thinks about me is none of my business… unless you think I am awesome… then please, share away!

After I quickly communicated to her why I feel it important to honor my experiences and she, being the brilliant, loving person she is, quickly got it.  I have to hand it to her… and to all of my friends, I am very blunt and pull no punches most of the time… they are all an amazing lot.  I am blessed.

We have so many motivations for communicating that I could write a blog everyday for the rest of my life just on the reasons behind what we do.  It is infinite and infinitely interesting.  Nothing is ever what it seems.  The same goes for everything else in life.  I know why I have dated the lovely people I have dated.  I know why the universe has given me the opportunity to see myself through these folks.  I understand and am so appreciative.  I have no regrets, I want nothing other than what I have had because I am where I am because of what I have experienced….and I LOVE where I am. I understand so much more than many because I have risked a lot more than many.  I have jumped into situations without weighing the pros and cons.  I have weighed the pros and cons and held back.  And I have done a whole bunch in between.  I have some patterns but mostly I go with what I am supposed to do… from my inner knowing.  I have never stayed in a situation that wasn't beneficial to me in some way.  Actually, this is true for all of us.  We don't do anything that we are getting nothing from.

When you are living your life you are experiencing everything you need to in order to get out of it what is most important for your soul.  No one has authority over you in this way.  You have things you need to learn, experiences you need to have and people who you need to know.  Whatever the drama, joys, or encounters, they are yours to glean from them what you will… and you will have ample opportunity to learn, every day, in every way.

So live your life… it belongs to you!