When You Are Ready You Will Know

Happy Friday!!! We all move at the pace of our own process.  There is nothing you can do to make someone go farther than they are ready to go, learn more than they are ready to learn, see more than they are willing to witness, and be somewhere or someone they are not.  We all come to things in our own time and our own way.  We all have a really hard time standing back and watching the growth of others and seem to completely forget what it was like to go through our own journey to come out to a place of revelation.  No amount of mountain moving would have gotten us to understand what could not be understood before we were supposed to.  

Have you ever been in a relationship or job where everyone around you just knew you needed to quit?  All of your friends and family could see the mistake of your current trajectory except for you, or so they thought.  You may have tried to listen to what they told you and you may have even begun to beat yourself up about not being able to change your situation, a situation you also knew wasn't forever and wasn't what you wanted ultimately.  The thing is, you weren't done with it so it was not something you were ready to let go of.  

How do you know you are ready to let go?  You do.  You let go.  You do whatever is necessary to let go.  Until you are ready you struggle around it, you boomerang back to it, you might even hide your struggle around it from others due to shame, but you don't let it go.  

Until you are ready you are readying yourself.  This is what gets lost or isn't known or simply misunderstood.  When you aren't finished with a situation it is because you have gleaned all of the information it was brought to your life to impart.  It is like baking cupcakes… They look done on the outside and if you don't really check the center you may take them out and find that they haven't baked all the way through.  They might be an ooey, gooey mess on the inside and suffer collapse.  It is the same with people going through the trials and tribulations of life.  We have to go through our joys and pains to get to the center of ourselves… to bake all the way through… to be ready to come out of the oven and hold ourselves up.  Rushing the process is no help to anyone.  

When you find yourself wanting someone to be farther along their path than they are, ask yourself why?  What do you want from them that they aren't able to give you, that you aren't giving to yourself?  Why is it that you can go through your life the way you need to but everyone else needs to be on your same timeline?  Why are you so impatient?  

If you find that you are being rushed or pushed into being somewhere you aren't, know that you are exactly where you are supposed to be, even if it isn't the most pleasant place… and when you are done, no one and no thing can hold you back.  

Sending love to you on your journey at this moment and all moments to come.