Reason This

Hello there, Everything happens for a reason.  I have said this to you before.  If you are close to me in proximity, you have heard these words fall from my lips and know that everything, not some things, everything is what I truly mean.  There is nothing that is for naught… nothing that is without a purpose.  You can do no meaningless things.  The secret isn't to find the meaning it is to uncover it.  When you begin to see the world as an ordered thing, something that has a language, information, desires, set ups and outcomes, as a living breathing intelligent thing, you can begin to let go of judgment and be open to wonder.

When you miss an appointment you may not, in the moment, feel that great about it.  You might go over the fact that you have been swamped and unorganized.  You may even tell yourself things like, "you always do this, what is wrong with me!"  You may beat yourself up more or less than that as well.  You may take hours or longer to figure out how you are simply a fuck up in so many other areas of your life and this appointment fiasco is just highlighting it for you.  How often have you spent time reinforcing your "failures?"  

Now imagine you understood that everything is moving along as it should.  How would that change your reaction to a perceived mistake?  How could it change your reaction?  You could stop, breathe and ask, "why did I need to miss that appointment?  What am I supposed to take from this?"  When you begin to ask questions around a situation that is less than ideal, you begin to get out of it some of what it has to offer you.  When you recognize the intelligence of the universe as greater than your own you don't become passive, you become receptive.  You are then able to move about the world without judging yourself or others and instead, get to the root… get to the reason.  Maybe your missing the appointment was because you needed time to do something else or you needed to be motivated to organize your work and calendar, or maybe it was because you needed to feel shitty so you could get annoyed with feeling shitty and then read this blog and make a shift in your thinking.  When you begin to look for the reasons, the reasons become clear. 

Now, what if you approached your life with receptivity, wonder and awe?   What kind of world would yours look like?  Love is abundant when you do this, life flows with little resistance, and everyone is a teacher and a lover.  You are calmer, more peaceful. It doesn't mean you won't be annoyed about this or that… you are human and that sometimes goes with the territory and is needed and necessary… but you don't have to spend time putting yourself down when you can spend that same time supporting your own personal growth and forward movement.  Get out-of-the-way, you are a part of the orchestra and though you don't conduct the entire thing, you can determine if the sound is pretty or off-key.  The sound of judgment is the sound of discord, it is the language of abuse.  Let go of the judgment, let in the harmony and grace of life and keep on wondering and uncovering.