Happy Thanksgiving! I have been overcome with gratitude today… I am a pretty grateful person but today has been different.  I feel like everything slowed down and I was able to see the awesomeness around me.  I taught an amazing class this morning with so many beautiful souls flying to loud intense music.  Sweating on their day of thanks.  I trained a client who looked like a shining star when I walked in to begin.  She is losing weight, gaining confidence, pushing through her world to create the one she desires.  I am inspired by her dedication to herself.  I drove in my car, that I love, smooth, fast through the barely populated streets.  Past various gyms and fitness centers.  I realized how blessed we are to have so many choices of places to get gas for cars, food for our bellies, equipment to work out on, streets to drive on, sidewalks to walk along.

I am blessed for three furry animals that are in my care.  They love me without reservation which is more than I can say for myself with them.  They annoy me and I have to clean up after them and walk the little teeny itty bitty chihuahua, not how I want to spend my days… but they love me and just want to jump on my lap (all the damn time) and give me snuggles.  I am blessed to have as many vegetables and as much fruit as I can stuff into my stomach at any point during the day or night.  I stay up late which means I eat a LOT… more hours in the day to eat means more food.  I am blessed to receive Facebook messages, phone calls and text messages sending love and thanks.

I am thankful that I love TV and lack the desire to judge others for hating it :)  I enjoy my movies, TV shows and music videos.  I am blessed for my iPad with more crap on it than I can use but options are always grand.  I am blessed to be able to enjoy beauty and see it everywhere in just about everything.  I am blessed to be able to sit and listen to any song from anywhere at the push of a button.  I am blessed and grateful to love what I do everyday and to continue to get better at it.

I am thankful for forgiveness.  For forgiving others and others forgiving me.

Most of all I am thankful that I can and do share.  That I share me with you and that you receive me.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.