Fear Not...

Howdy there, Fear.  It is so powerful.  It fills all the spaces that love lives.  Fear can motivate us to do amazing things.  It can push us to make changes, it can make us seem like we are risky and brave.  Fear can look a lot like love in some ways.  Fear can bring people together and keep them there.  Fear can create community and solidarity.  Fear can bring things to the surface, can make you feel. Fear is humbling, fear is petrifying, fear is undeniable, fear refuses to let go.  We all use it, have it, are consumed by it at some point or another in our lives.  It is also unexpected sometimes… it just appears and brings us to our knees.  

Fear is the great mask, the great mimic.  It keeps you from doing anything that you are unfamiliar with and we say it is about having stability.  It stops you from growing your relationships, challenging what may not be serving you or working for you presently and instead of recognizing this resistance to growth as fear, we say it is because we promised to love and cherish… Love doesn't fear and fear doesn't love.  Fear makes you believe you are coming from a place that is about safety and strength when it is truly about the lack of those two things.  True strength isn't concerned with the unknowing.  True strength is the confidence to know that whatever the outcome all will be well and all will be able to be handled.  True safety is knowing that this body you are housed in is temporary and, on the grand scheme of things, that we are always ok, divinely so.  

Check your motivations.  Find out the reasons behind your decisions.  Learn to tell the difference between love and fear.  Fear leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth.  Fear keeps you depleted.  Fear is exhausting.  When you are living with fear as your guide you don't have a lot to give.  When fear is the impetus you are may feel defeated, powerless, withdrawn, nervous, lonely, desperate, angry, aggressive, irritated, pushy, self-righteous, dominating and guarded.  Your heart will be closed to most everyone, you may either feel that you know everything or that you know nothing.  Fear is extreme, fear is wild and unbalanced.  Fear is often present in most aspects of most people's lives.  Even yours.  

When you let love take over you are lifted.  You have a viewpoint that allows you to see the 8 sides of the Great Pyramid, you are flying, you rise.  See if you can feel, know, love the difference.