Take A Chill Pill

Hello there, We sometimes look at others and wonder why they do what they do.  We sometimes get impatient with others not figuring things out quickly enough.  We may judge other people and decide that they are doing something on purpose to piss us off.  We aren't always the most empathetic or compassionate of folks.  We are rarely forgiving or understanding immediately.  The conclusions that we come to when we aren't pleased with others borders irrational and can often times be considered unloving.  Why do you think that is the case?

When you find fault in other people, when you are impatient, judgmental and unforgiving you are in the process of a revealing or revelation.  It is only that what we have within us that we recognize outside of us.  You aren't actually able to put a name or a feeling to something that you don't encompass as well.  I know you may get this, intellectually, but how have you incorporated this into your world.

I have been there, probably today, complaining about someone not doing something as well as I would like them to.  Maybe it was while driving or at the grocery store.  Either way, I always, at some point, see myself where they are.  I can almost always go, quickly, back to a time when I was that guy.  The one stopping in the doorway of the grocery store, forgetting that other people need to come and go.  Maybe it was when I was younger and since then I have done the work to remember to move my ass out of the way and to be conscious of those around me.  However, that doesn't mean that I didn't do it in the past and that I cannot now understand why anyone would ever do that now.  We think because we have moved on from some behavior that others should be right in step with us.  Well, newsflash, everyone else feels the same to.

We are all on our own personal journeys, and within each journey we are all at different spots for different things.  Sometimes we meet others who are in line with our self growth in multiple areas.  When this happens we feel a connection, we feel that we are kindred.  When we meet others who may stumble over areas that we have figured out, or think we have figured out, we tend to be impatient, sometimes unfeeling.  Do we do this to ourselves as well?  Have you ever said anything negative to yourself when you repeat something you would prefer not to?  Do you speak to yourself like you should have known better?  When you see something in someone else that you judge as negative, you have already done the same to yourself.  Maybe it would do you and everyone else some good if you chilled out a bit.

Give yourself and others a break.  It is worth it.  Not everyone is where you are, nor do they need to be.  We are all growing at various rates, learning what we can and in need of support during it all.   That doesn't mean you don't hold yourself and others accountable.  You just don't need to break someone down to help build them up, in every case.  :)

Sending love,



Let It Go

Howdy!!! Picture this:  You are driving, someone cuts you off.  Now, think back to a time when you cut someone off.  Have you ever done that?  Did you mean it?  Do you spend much of your time plotting ways to get under people's skin?  Do you think other folks are running around trying to plot against you or upset you at the least?

When was the last time you got pissed off by the car in front of you?  At your partner?  Your friend?  A family member?  How many slights do you perceive in a day?  What would happen if you didn't take offense?

When was the last time someone took offense to something you did or said?  What if you responded with empathy and compassion?  It only takes one person to change a dance.  Taking into consideration that generally no offense is intended is a powerful tool as you evolve in this life of yours.  Taking into consideration that we only take offense because we had expectations to begin with, or because we have our own judgements around something, or because we are feeling insecure.

Whether we are the ones annoying or being annoyed we need to remember that most people aren't here, and don't want to, torture us, and, when given a chance, would be more loving than not.

So let it go.  Let being all worked up about what someone else is doing fade into the background.  Enjoy the fact that you can relate.  Enjoy being human. :)