Howdy, Relationship, whether it is with ourselves or with another, is integral to the human experience we are all in.  We learn about ourselves in relation to others.  When we are shown who we are in relationship, we choose to deny or accept what we have learned.  We choose to take ownership or we blame.  We either hold or let go of what is being given to us.  The choice is ours.

If you don't like where you are, who you are, in this moment then you are going to have a hard time relating to others and at some point, to yourself.  When you spend much or your time denying and lying about what is really happening for you the ability to move beyond it is nearly impossible.  Without an acceptance of what is, what will be remains elusive.  You are not able to find out what is next when what is here is turned down and denied.  If you have left yourself, turned your back on where you are, pretended like never are yet always will be, you will remain stuck, churning and frustrated.  Working on relationships with others and with yourself is imperative for growth.  You cannot only know yourself as you are reflected back through relationship with another, you will need to find out who you are in relationship to yourself.

We all have parts of ourselves that we neglect when we are alone or put on others when we are together.   Having a balance is important for a healthy relationship to be sustained.  Where do you see your place in your life and relationships?  How well do you know yourself?  The constant in all of your relationships is you, so it may behoove you to figure you out.  What patterns have emerged whether you are alone or not?  What relationship has helped you accept the parts you would choose to hide?  Where do you still try to keep yourself from seeing who you are?  When was the last time you had a love affair with yourself or another?  Does it feed you daily?  I feel that your relationship with yourself needs to be your foundation; your relationship with another is a reflection of that.

I know that my relationships with others reflect strongly my relationship to myself.  When I am healthy in regards to my loving of me, I have an easier time with others treating me well, loving me well, knowing me.  When I feel undeserving, less than, I attract those who support those feelings.  If you are feeling less than, unsupported and alone… go home to yourself.  Come back to your first love affair with you or find that love in relation to another.  Let one feed the other, however you find it, just find it.  Allow yourself to be loved for being, for just simply being.  No judgement, no fear, no reservations.


Come Back

Come back now

and wrap your


around my shell, for I have felt

my core

melt with your words and touch


and whatever is left of me

I want you to catch, de-liquify


my heart, place it gently back

as we meet eye to eye.


Until then

have me at breakfast

so you are strong throughout the day.