Shine The Light

Hello, There is a feeling that we all have felt.  That feeling of being uncomfortable.  I get it when I ask for help.  I get it when I am going outside of what my norm is.  The urge to find comfort is pretty strong for all of us when we are in that place.  We label the feeling as bad.  We find ways to avoid, delay or crush it altogether.  We certainly wouldn't say we enjoyed being uncomfortable, not most of us at any rate.  Our comfort or lack thereof is a great place to pay close attention to.  The information within that feeling is so rich, so powerful and, in my opinion, where we can begin living our ideal life.

"To get where you have never been you have to do something you have never done."  I can't remember the author of this quote, but it is one of my favorites.  In order to grow, to change, to go beyond yourself as you are today, you will need to be more, different, other than you are at this very moment.  We are reborn time and time again.  We are constantly changing, growing, being more.  For many of us the changes are minute enough to not warrant panic.  We don't notice the changes so we don't resist them as much as we do when they are hard to miss.  When the changes are in direct opposition to how we do something and have been doing it for a while, we tend to dig our heels in.  Somewhere along the line we associated discomfort with danger.  We forgot what growth felt like.  We decided that we didn't deserve to feel anything but good.  We feel.  This is truth.  There is no right or wrong to that.  When we make that judgement on our feelings we lose the power that they are.  We stop seeing the light as an illuminator and we put on sunglasses wondering why things are so bright.  We miss the point.

Discomfort gives you a clear indication of where your work is.  If you ever wondered what areas you are here to figure out in this lifetime first as what makes you uncomfortable.  Republicans make you uncomfortable?  Explore that.  Seriously.  The idea of reincarnation makes you uncomfortable?  Delve into that a bit.  Reaching out for help makes you feel all sorts of uncomfortable?  You need to reach out more.  Life isn't as complicated as we make it.  We have all the tools we need to grow, flourish, thrive and reach our potential.  We choose to ignore what we need.  We choose to ignore what we know.  We put on glasses hoping that someone will turn the light down.  I am hoping to help you lift them just a bit, here and there at the same time facing the light myself.