Love Yourself

Hi there, What do you want to get in your life?  Most of what you do is for love, to get love, to feel loved, to keep love.  We are motivated to do so many things because we are looking for the acceptance, approval, the love of others.  We will change, bend, compromise and give over our power in the hopes that we will be ok in the eyes of someone.

Have you spent anytime trying to impress, gain the acceptance or approval from the person that it really matters?  Do you know who that person is?  You are the CEO of your world.  You are the one that gives bonuses and stock options. You are the one you answer to.  You are the one that can push love away or receive it.  You are the one that allows love to be shown, absorbed and used.  When you choose to receive love you are only getting your self-love mirrored back to you.  When you push it away, what are you telling the world/yourself?  When you are constantly looking, unable to find it, where is it hiding when all you are is love?  Made up from it and built to send it out.  We forget ourselves so often it is amazing we ever get back.  When you look for it on your outside you abandon it on your inside.

Do you know what it means to love yourself?  Honestly?  I don't mean to dress yourself or clean yourself or feed yourself well or say how awesome you are.  Loving yourself, supporting yourself, not leaving yourself when the going gets rough.  Being there for you when you do things that you have, in the past, judged?  When you remember who you are, LOVE, and behave as such your world, THE world shifts.

Stop putting the responsibility of your own work on others.  Stop trying to get people who are struggling the same way you are to do a better job at loving than you do!  What is the logic behind that???

Wake up, smell the roses and tell yourself you will be ok, regardless.