Future Love

Hello, I see potential.  I see what could be.  I am an optimist.  I love helping others to get to where they want to go.  I, however, have let my optimism, my ability to see the heights that others could reach, cloud my judgement and take me out of the here and now.  I see the future in people and often ignore the present.  This is a very dangerous thing in interpersonal relationships and a fantastic one in my work relationships.  The gift that I have to help people reach their potential makes for a great coach and an interesting personal life.

You choose who you spend time with, you choose who you share your love with, you choose where your energy goes.  When you look at someone for who they could be you are probably ignoring who they are, which is who you are deciding to like or not in the first place.  You may also be rejecting them in the moment, which doesn't feel good for most of us.  Additionally,  you are asking them to change, to be something that they are not and may never be.  Not that you won't ask for changes, compromises in a loving relationship, but they won't be based on the person you would like to be with in the future.

How would you feel if someone was waiting for you to be "all that you could be"?  I know that I have waited many, many times.  I have placed a dream or a 'when' onto a description of someone.  Looking ahead, in this way, is living a lie.  No matter how amazing our intuition, psychic ability or what-have-you, is we cannot know what someone will or will not become as they grow and learn.  It isn't for us to decide and it certainly doesn't serve us to wait for them to get there.  We all deserve to be enjoyed as we are in this very moment.

When you realize no one is in the wrong or needs changing you are free to see whether this is the relationship you desire at this moment in your life; you may let go of anger around them not being the imaginary person you imagined (and that they may have wanted to become to please you).  At some point, when you realize that we are exactly where we are supposed to be, all of us, you stop pushing others to be somewhere else.  There is a lot to be learned from being right here, right now.