Over and Over and Over

Howdy!!! Do you have anything that you can't let go of?  Thoughts that you hang on to?  Something happens with your friend and you feel not so yummy… so you go over and over and over what you said or what they said.  Maybe work sucked and you cannot get the feeling that you are going to get reprimanded out of your head.  Whether it has happened (past) or could happen (future) it is now, in this moment, imaginary.  It only exists in your head and in that way can morph any which way you choose it to.

When we obsess about an incident or an issue we often place ourselves as innocent bystanders.  We use language that keeps us victimized, such as, "it won't stop" or "I can't get it out of my head."  The real deal is you are choosing to focus on the tape that you have recorded and keep replaying it.  You choose what you replay.  You are also choosing to let it be true.  You are not a victim to your thoughts or emotions.  You may not do something consciously, but that doesn't mean you aren't in charge.  When you take ownership you are able to look at what you are doing with the power to change it if you would like to.  You aren't just sitting there subject to torturous thoughts.  You can choose to observe them, with a detached attitude, one that allows for information to be gathered.  Or you can choose to use your power to override those obsessive thoughts and tape over the recording.  After all, repeating thoughts isn't in and of itself the issue.  When the thought isn't desired a problem arises.  Replacing it with one that you would like to manifest is another way to let go and get going.

When you work on intentional thinking you begin to see the doorway that takes you from where you are to where you want to be.  Allowing yourself to be ruled by the endless chatter is laziness at its best.  To put the work into managing your mind, managing you internal world, managing you… well, that would leave you no time to obsess over someone else's feelings or issues with you.  They aren't your feelings, your issues and, when you do your work, you come to realize they are not about you to begin with.  Take some time, listen to the tape, rewind and erase if needed or replay it with a different attitude altogether.  The choice is always yours.