Wind Beneath Our Wings

Greetings, I spend a lot of my time working to help others reach their goals.  I feel strongly about walking the walk and have never been one who has enjoyed when others only talk the talk.  I would never feel comfortable telling my clients to do something that I wouldn't do (unless it was due to a condition they had, or some other such concern).  I practice what I preach which allows me to trust in what I teach.  When I discuss teaching or coaching with anyone who is interested in doing the same I always ask if they have lived what they want to share.  Experience is the best teacher and certifications can be had by anyone.  When you are asking someone to sweat daily or asking someone to eat strictly you want to have done the same, in my opinion, so you know just what you are asking someone to do.  So you can support your clients on their journey to wellness.

Not everyone is going to become a Life Coach or a Personal Trainer.  Many people will be content to remain friends, family or partners of others.  Your role in supporting the one you love is just as important, if not more so.  You are the one that will hold your friend/partner/lover up when they are struggling with changes on their road to health.  Chances are you too could use some help around that very thing.  Bottom line:  without you they may not make it.  You are integral to their success on their journey to wellness.  Not moving your body or eating, in front of them, what they cannot (but would love to) eat is not only unsupportive, it is sabotage.

I have heard the argument, "Why should I have to change?  I am not the one on the diet!"  No, you aren't the 'one' changing his/her way of eating, but you are with the one who needs it.  If you don't have the forethought to be with someone who doesn't have to grow/change/develop in any way then you may have to deal with the dance you have had with this person changing.  You may have to change with it to keep the dance going.  Such is life.

Find ways to be supportive around the ones you love when they are learning to love who they are.  Find ways to get over the fact that everything changes including who you are with.  Know that your support of your friend/family/partner might be what catapults them to greatness.