Lady Bits

Hi! I have to say that my vagina has served me well; it has served others well too.  I just wanted to share some appreciation I have for my lady part that is smart, discerning and always ready for more.  I also wanted to discuss how amazing it is to me that we freak out about talking about our vaginas so much so that we simply don't.  I, for one, am a proud vagina owner and have no issue discussing the ins and outs, so to speak, of it all.  If you are a gay man you still have some ties to vaginas.  Without one you wouldn't have come to be.  So all hail to the vaginas of the world… now let's dig in. (Just too many ways to enjoy this).  

I have been asked, more than once, about my fondness for vaginas.  I have also asked other women how well they know their own.  First of all, vaginas are amazing.  Seriously; they are living, breathing things.  They stretch and contract, they pulse and react; they are like magicians.  Now you see something now you don't.  We don't give vaginas enough, if any at all, credit.  Women will honestly say that vaginas gross them out.  How is it that something we all have, that gives birth to human beings, could be anything other than awe-inspiring?  Well, they become gross when people don't understand what the vagina/vulva go through on a regular basis, including their menses.  So few women appreciate the self-cleaning, self-sustaining entity that is their vajayjay.  You are walking around with a miracle between your legs ladies and you often choose to treat it like a burden.

Regardless of whether or not you totally get how awesome the whole lady part region is, if you are a woman it is a part of you.  That which is you, any part, always does better given love.  Clean it, love it, know what happens to it when it is happy, when it is sad. Learn about it.  Do you know that woman ejaculate?  I hope you do know, but if you don't, read up on it.  Most of us know everything there is to know about penises and at the same time couldn't point out our own g-spot.  If this resonates with you I am thinking you need some alone time with a mirror.  Women have so many things to deal with when it comes to self-love and self-worth.  It is imperative that we are careful about giving out love to ourselves and each other.  Be careful with how we respect and own our sexuality, we are teaching the little girls everywhere how they should feel about themselves. 

This teaching includes how we talk about ourselves, or don't talk about ourselves.  How we get embarrassed or appalled if the word vagina is brought up.  People, come on!  You will survive a little pussy talk.  You won't faint if someone talks about using their vagina, or the fact that they have one, to get them things (which most women have but don't want to admit).  My hope for every woman is that she learns to own the power of her entire being, fully… this includes her vagina. 

Ladies you are the backbone of everything.  When you love yourselves fully you are able to teach others to do the same… yes, this includes your snatch.  Love it and show others how to do the same, everyone will appreciate that!  :)