What's Good???

Good Morning!!! Tuesday Gratitude Practice is here!!!  How will you take what you are grateful for through the rest of your day?  This isn't just about writing it down and sending it back…  put it out there!  Let the world feel your appreciation!  Let's make a difference.     

This only  takes a few moments to do but gives to you for much, much longer.  So put down whatever you are doing and take a couple of minutes for yourself.  Every Tuesday morning I am going to ask you to write down 5 things that you are grateful for and email them to me (keep for yourself as well).  What are you feeling gratitude around?  Here are mine for this week:


Energy Healing.


My Work.

My Journey.  

There are no right or wrong answers.  It is about what you are grateful for.   It is proven that doing this once a week for three months (actually just 9 weeks) makes you happier, healthier, exercise more and less sensitive to perceived slights.  You will sweat the small stuff less and focus on what really matters.

So… what are you waiting for???

Food for thought:

What is going on in your world right now?  What are the things that are making you smile?  People?  Love?  Work?  These are your gifts.  At any point in your day you can call upon these gifts and open them.  You just need to remember that they are always there for you.  Those moments of joy.  If you are lamenting, struggling, feeling depleted you are almost certainly imagining something that isn't happening right now.  You are going over something in your past or imagining something in your future (in a negative way) and you are nowhere near where you actually are.  When you leave yourself you feel unsafe, depressed, alone.  These worries, this blue feeling, this is you leaving you and coming back again.

Leaving oneself can be done in all manner of ways.  You can eat yourself into a state of numbness, you can do the same with drink.  You can keep busy so you don't have to hear what you are feeling.  Or you go over something that happened that made you feel small, less than, helpless.  You go over it so you don't have to be big, take ownership or responsibility.  You stay in that small place instead of assuming the role of caregiver for your soul.  You leave yourself by staying regressed, by ditching your knowing, by letting your power slip away.  When you come back you bring the stories of past and ideas of future with you.  The disconnect sometimes hurts…

Before you can stay with yourself, you need awareness on when and how you leave.  To gain awareness you must practice paying attention to where your mind goes when you are feeling down.  What is the language you use, what routines do you have around your sadness?  When you have gained that awareness you can now work toward change.  Until you know you don't know.  It is simple.  Start with knowing you have no reason to not enjoy this moment.  If you aren't you have work to do.  Some moments are great and there is no information in them except the moment itself.  Others, well, that is where your work is and that moment is as big of a gift as any other. :)

Be where you are or you will be somewhere else.  If you decide to go, pick the destination wisely and stay for only a short time lest you miss out on right now, which is all there is anyway.