Lift Off

Hey Hey! We have a lot of demands that are placed on us emotionally and mentally. Most of these demands begin with others and continue throughout our lives from various sources, ourselves included. We are not given, at a young age, many tools to sort through, filter and manage the demands that we are asked to handle either directly or indirectly. Despite not knowing how to, in a healthy way, to take care of what we feel we are supposed to, we make attempts to take care of the things around us that we feel responsible for. It takes most of us many years, if we ever do figure it out, and lots of heartache to discover that we may not be working on behalf of our best selves emotional and mental wellbeing. It may take a break of some sort for us to recognize that we might have taken on too much, not enough or the "wrong" stuff. Generally, something moves us to awareness, jolts us forward, and it is usually not rainbows and puppy dogs.

When you go through a situation in your life where you are pushed to ask questions about your life and why you are where you are, and not where you want to be, you will need to look at some big questions, the main ones. When you start to delve into who your beliefs, judgments, motivations, desires and how all of these relate to your relationship with yourself and your relationships with others you will begin to see where you will need to make shifts in your life. We have a lot of programming that says we are supposed to take on the pain of others as our own, we are to be responsible for our fellow man, we are to do things that don't feed us because that is a part of this life that you cannot get around. I know that these ideas, though seemingly big hearted and practical have been distorted beyond; because of these distortions, unhappiness on all levels, emotional, physical and spiritual, are at an all time high.

Knowing where you begin and end is a start to healing. Knowing that you are, at the same time an individual, everyone and everything, allows for your healing to move others forward on their path as well. Because we have become so accustomed to connecting in the external realms we are out of practice with our internal and astral universes. We believe that absorbing someone else's bullshit in this reality actually helps them out. It doesn't in any way actually. When you remember that you can heal yourself and in turn, due to our origin and our connection to the source of all, heal the whole, reaching out is the last thing you need to do. Reaching in is where the strength and the magic come from. Allowing others to see how they choose to use their gifts, powers and knowing is a much more helpful way to be for them and for yourself. When you begin to connect with yourself (and in turn others) spiritually/internally you stop taking on the false reality, that is this external world, of others. When you do that, also known as setting boundaries, you are allowed to feel the abundant energy of love that is available to all of us.

Take a month to work on your boundaries and see, after you have actually set and communicated them, how much space you have to feel, to do, to love. When you remove the weight of this imaginary world from your shoulders you are left with a weightlessness that allows for you to soar.

Great Gray Owl
Great Gray Owl

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