No Worse, No Better

Howdy! When you look at someone and decide you are better than they are, how does that make you feel?  When you decide that you are somehow superior than another do you stand a bit taller, breathe a bit deeper and smile broader?  The moment you realize that someone is way beneath you do you immediately feel enlightened and freer?  What happens for you when you forget your Self?  

I have, like most, wrestled with my ego.  I have felt like I was better, smarter, or more than others are, in my past.  I have asserted my superiority in ways that unwittingly revealed my insecurities.  I have seen my ego find ways to keep itself afloat over the years and in turn left me high and dry.  So, I don't do that anymore, that judging better or worse stuff.  It is neither here nor there.  Instead, I see me, who I am in the other.  I find out what I can grow from or learn from them.  I see the value that is inherent is all of us and in this way I value all I am.  

Each person you meet, interact with, connect to is an aspect of you.  They are here to be the parts of you that you cannot be in this life.  They are here to show you a new perspective of something that you have had a strong judgment around.  They are here to assist us in building compassion throughout society.  They are here to help you face parts of yourself you would not allow to see the light of day.  They are here to bring up and expose your shadow(s).  They are your teachers and it is wise to appreciate them.  

So, when you are around people you have decided you are better than, or interacting with them in some way, what are they mirroring in you, what is the lesson they are here to give to you?  Everything and everyone has a purpose.  We are all various aspects of one another.  Now, there may be aspects you prefer over other but the truth is, if you can see it then it is within you.  So if you notice something you don't enjoy in someone else, take note, it is you that is needing that information about yourself.  When you raise yourself to a place where you are looking down on others you will be soon to fall.  You will learn, you will see… Until you find the divinity and purpose in everyone you will struggle to truly find it in yourself.