Little Star

Hello Dearest, Have you ever made yourself disappear?  Have you ever wanted to?  There have been moments in my life where I have wanted to fade into the background, not be seen.  There have been times where I have been irritated that I was unable to be incognito.  There have been moments where I wanted to have no impact whatsoever.  I have never been successful in this endeavor, the endeavor of turning off my light.  Thank goodness I failed at it, because turning it back on is a difficult task… not impossible, but arduous.  

We dim ourselves for so may reasons.  Often it is because of the fact we believe others might not approve of our light.  We, at some point in our lives, were told that it was too bright.  We believed that we were responsible for how someone else felt, so we started to manage what we did in order to manage how they felt.  When someone would compare themselves to your light you would turn it down a bit or pretend that your light wasn't that bright.  Whether it is intelligence, beauty, know-how, charisma, popularity… we dim ourselves so that we don't stand out, so that we fit in.  The last thing we want to be is singled out for believing that we are special in a negative way.  We are afraid of our light causing pain in another.

We dim ourselves because we believe it will allow others to shine.  We think we are in the way of someone else's light so we move ours, turn it down, in some cases extinguish it altogether.  In reality this does not help someone shine more.  Instead, it just turns your light off, making you smaller energetically.  When you make yourself smaller energetically you are actually diminishing your ability to connect, feel, grow, love and conduct light for others.  Just because you became less bright doesn't mean someone will then brighten up.  Besides, do you truly want someone to be bright only at the expense of someone else?  Isn't that what you are attempting to thwart by dimming your own light???  You are attempting to not be bright at the expense of another… oh the irony.  

The sun does not turn down it's light and expect life to continue.  The sun does not concern itself with your insecurity.  It has a job to do, to keep life going, to warm the earth.  That is our job, to keep our lives going, to warm our place on the earth, to grow ourselves.

What allows others to shine is having permission to do so.  The best way to give permission is to be an example.  To be an example you need to shine, shine in every way.  Shine every day.  Shine your love, shine your joy, shine your light.  Be a beacon, be a lighthouse, be what others can strive for.  Shine your way through the world lighting up every corner of every room of every building you enter.  Use the sun as an example and warm your surroundings, help things grow.  See how your courage to be all of your bright light helps others to do the same.  When we begin to recognize that you cannot erase yourself to outline another you will learn a big lesson in this life:  we are all made up of "star-dust and such" we are all stars.  What we choose to do with that information, whether we choose to shine or not, is our responsibility, individually.  

I choose my light as my guide.  I choose to shine everyday in my way.  What do you choose?