L'eggo My Eggo®

Howdy! Though I am very kind, sweet, loving and generous (if I do say so myself, along with modest ;), there are some things I simply like to keep all to myself.  I share a ton through my writing, I share space and ideas, and I share my time. I love giving overall and find it fulfilling generally.  The only time I get irritated (ok,  not the only time) is when I am asked to share my food.  

I move my body a large part of the day.  I get up and either teach classes or train clients.  If I am sitting I am making mixes or writing.  Then I am up and about, getting my extra workouts in or working someone else out.  I move my body, I eat when I get hungry, I stop when I am satiated.  I don't keep up with calories, burned or eaten.  I am not worried that it is too much or that it is too fattening or any of that.  I don't put guilt or shame around my food, I eat and I enjoy and then I move on.  This is not the case for most people.  They either don't think about what they eat at all, whether it is nourishing them or not, or they think about it so much so that it becomes an albatross.  This is not the energy I want to share when it comes to food.  Food is a passion, it is funny and serious, it is life-giving or life taking, it is health, it is well-being, it is medicine, it is poison, it is energy.  Food is also very personal.

It may not be surprising then that I am not a big food sharing person.  With all the energy swirling around the personal issues regarding food, the fact that I am limited to the vegan options on a menu and that I am hungry when I go out to eat, I prefer to order my food and eat it all by myself.  I prefer you do to the same, if you are with me.  I am not interested in what someone else has ordered.  I am decisive and know what I want.  I don't want to compromise for the sake of sharing when I can order a second of what I am having and you can have it your way.  I know for some the whole point of sharing is a kind of intimacy.  I agree.  It is intimate and I don't want that intimacy with most.  :)  I also don't have a problem with everyone ordering the same thing at the table if everyone has a hankering for what I am ordering.  If I made you dinner I wouldn't make two different meals so that we would have variety.  We would eat the same meal and not worry at all about it (or try to eat of each other's plates).  So when I hear people say when they are ordering, "we can't get the same thing" I say, ummm yes we can because you aren't having mine.  So order the same thing if you want it too… especially if you are with me, because I am not offering up my meal to you, not even if you are cute or I see you naked regularly (well, maybe if I see you naked regularly you'd get a better shot).

We all have our preferences.  It is up to you to own them and voice them when necessary.  Supporting people when they figure out what works for them is a beautiful gift.  It takes work to figure out what you like, what matters to you and then courage to say it despite the judgment that will come from others.  You are the only one that can live your life, you may as well live it your way.



Though the Eggo Waffle isn't vegan, I snatched the title for this blog from the old campaign… here is one of the commercials from way back in the day: