Because Of Love

Hello! I am asked regularly how I do one thing or another, how I don't sleep, eat very little, etc…  I have discovered that our comparisons of each other can truly take all the fun out of life.  I think that we are all on our own journey and my way works for me and may inspire others to find their way, which may in fact be similar to mine or may not be.  But, I truly feel that we have to carve out our lives for ourselves and that this is the fun.  This is the joy.  Creating what works for us individually.  

For me, well, I have come to where I am in large part because I feel limitless… I don't see obstacles in most situations honestly.  I see my life as a gift, a calling, a joy.  I see my experiences as my tools to connect to others and share what they are going through.  I see my challenges as my schooling, as a time to get better than I was the day before.  I see the world as infinitely creative, abundant and full of love.  I look at everyone as potential so I am always seeing the possibility.  I don't spend time putting myself down.  I live my life with no regrets.  If I am not able to figure out why something is happening for me, then I let it go until the answer shows itself.  I trust in the process of life even when I don't want to.  I love without reservation and encourage others to do the same, I mean, why hoard love?

Love.  That is what I live off of mainly.  It is what energizes me.  It is what feeds me.  It is what allows me to stay up at all times and feel great.  Love.  Love makes my world go 'round.  Love allows me to ride hard in 15 or more classes per week.  Love gives me the energy to run and lift and cheer others on.  Love is basically my fuel.  I am unable to do anything that doesn't come from that place of love.  When I realized how effortless life was when I was aligned with my higher self, that center of love, I refused to ever go back to the life I had known where I sucked it up just to suck it up.  Now I suck it up because it is where I want to be and, even when the going is tough, it is the going that feeds me.  It is the place that grows me.  It is home.

When you are deciding what to do in your life, who to be with, what to spend your time on… ask yourself if love is present, if love is the motivator.  Then proceed as you wish.  You don't have to only do things out of love, you can do whatever you want for whatever reason you decide.  Just asking that question brings to you a different level of awareness.  Now you know why you are doing what you are doing.  You will begin to see how you feel when you answer to the affirmative and when you answer to the negative.  You will then be better able to make choices that feed you energetically, emotionally, physically or otherwise.  You may or may not decide to change anything outwardly after you begin asking that question, but it is guaranteed, if you begin to ask you cannot stop the changes that happen within… and those will at some point reflect in the world you live in.  

What if the world was full of people doing what they loved, sharing what they loved, receiving what they loved and being what they loved?  What if you took your place as a part of the world that could begin doing that?