What's Good???

Good morning! It is Tuesday!!  :)  Gratitude breeds more gratitude… isn't that awesome?   This only  takes a few moments to do but gives to you for much, much longer.  So put down whatever you are doing and take a couple of minutes for yourself.  Every Tuesday morning I am going to ask you to write down 5 things that you are grateful for and email them to me (keep for yourself as well).  What are you feeling gratitude around?  Here are mine for this week:

Asking for help.

New Tattoos.


Saying No.


There are no right or wrong answers.  It is about what you are grateful for.   It is proven that doing this once a week for three months (actually just 9 weeks) makes you happier, healthier, exercise more and less sensitive to perceived slights.  You will sweat the small stuff less and focus on what really matters.

So… what are you waiting for???

Food for thought:

I know that we all want to be open for all of the gifts that the world has to offer.  I know that I do.  I say yes as much as it makes sense to me.  I do my best to say no when I feel a strong sense that something won't work for me, but that is only after many years of figuring out what doesn't work for me.  Life is trial and error.  Sometimes lots of errors so that the trials become less and less severe.  So at this point I do my best to say yes and when I say no, I mean it.  Unless I change my mind ;)  It is mine to change after all… and the same goes for you.  Do what you want and then change your mind and do something else.