Growth Is Evidence For Life

"Change always comes bearing gifts."  ~Price Pritchett Hi there!

I mentioned to a friend today that I have been noticing shifts happening in people all around me.  It seems that big life changes are being made, internally and externally.  Maybe it is 2012, who knows.  I simply see and feel people's growth happening at a seemingly accelerated pace and I am excited.

I feel strongly that now is the time to acknowledge areas in your life that you have ignored, denied or been fearful of facing.  See where that takes you.  What are some things you would like to see happen in your life and what would it take to make those things happen?  When change is in the air all you need to do is breathe (at first, then act).  I believe that we affect one another, that we are all connected.  When I change something about my life for the better I am able to help others do so simply by being an example.  When you see that something is possible for one you are better able to see it as a possibility for you as well.

Shifts are great because nothing can ever go back to the way it was.  Shifts are scary because of the same thing.  Often when you see yourself stuck or in a place that is static it is important to see how you are maintaining that position on purpose.  Change can be scary.  The unknown can bring up our fear of uncertainty.  However, it is even more scary, to me, to remain where I am with no forward movement to speak of.  I would consider that the ultimate death.  How is your fear of change making it impossible for you to reach your potential?  Do you have an idea of what your potential is?

Good luck with all of the changes in your internal world, I am sure you can feel it.  I know that when you are open to all that is in store the gifts pour in like a torrential rain.  I am always excited to hear about it too… so please share.

"The only difference between a rut and a grave is their dimensions."  ~Ellen Glasgow