Things Always Work Out

Aloha, Travel.  I enjoy it once I have reached my destination.  I don't always enjoy the packing, organizing and all of the questions that come along with whatever trip I may be taking.  I am no grouch I just don't travel the way others do… Let me explain.  I am not a fan of structure in certain areas of my life.  I am quite particular in most areas of my life.  How I make my mixes, what jog bras I like to wear, what clothing works for my body, what work I take on.  So when I get a chance to be relaxed I take it.  Balance is key.  I am not one who needs to 'know' everything.  If I get a phone call and it isn't someone I have saved in my contact list I don't worry about picking up right away (unless I am told to do so intuitively).  If I miss an exit, I miss an exit.  If someone cuts me off, I may say something under my breath but it is gone before it ever sunk in.  I certainly don't get pissed off.  When I travel, I don't make hotel arrangements (if I am alone) or create an itinerary (except that I will workout at least 90 minutes each day) until I am close to leaving (the day of or before).  I just wait until the time is 'right.'

So I am on Maui and loving life.  Sitting outside in the sunshine writing.  Pretty sweet!!!  I found a lovely big house to stay in with 3 people in the main space and two others that have their own private cottages.  We share the bathroom and kitchen.  In this big house is a man named Dahi.  He is humble and brilliant and may have been one of the reasons I came to Maui.  A mentor he is to me at this point.  Then there is Mateus.  Let me backtrack.  I walked around the airport on my way to Maui looking for food.  This friendly soul spoke to me and was hungry too.  We quickly discovered we were on the same flight and decided to meet up later after we fed ourselves.  At that time (during my layover in LA) was, in Aina fashion, securing a place to stay for the first few days on Maui.  I found something reasonable and booked it.  When we arrived on the island we exchanged info and vowed to meet up sometime soon.  I rented my car and was on my way.

The place I picked was supposed to be a private room with a mountain view and wi-fi.  It turned out to be a really dirty room with no wi-fi and no mountain view.  Human hair that wasn't mine took up about a quarter of the space (ok maybe 8%) and I slept in my clothes waiting until I could cancel my reservation and get my money back.  It was gross.  Around the time of me arguing (yep, I had to argue) with the owner's daughter to retrieve my monies, Mateus texted me.  He was at the beach and wanted to know if I wanted to join him.  YES!  Finally something relaxing.  So far my trip wasn't at all a vacation.  I relay the traumatic event to Mateus who quickly tells me about a place he just found.  They might have another space available.  We hang on the beach for some time, then take off to see the space I am now staying in.

If I hadn't had a shitty time upon arrival I may not have hung w/Mateus, I would have never met Dahi (more than likely) and I would not be sitting where I am right now writing to you about the necessity of following your intuition.  Trusting that things work out.  Understanding that you don't have to force nature.  All things in time.  Most people would look at me having a shitty room as a result of my lack of preparedness… instead of what I needed to open up to Mateus that I needed a place to stay.  Thank goodness I don't need to know, to plan or to organize that much.  I feel like a lot of life is missed when you do.  Before I left a lot of my friends asked me if I wanted connections here or if I knew where I would stay.  I have always had things work out for me.  (So have you).  I trust that this will continue to happen.  It is, after all, the norm.  I feel very fortunate because I am and so are you.

Where can you let go and allow instead of control?  Where can you breathe instead of worry?  Where can you let life unfold instead of planning it out?

Have a groovy rest of your day!



Keep Calm

Hi! Sometimes our heads can be scary places.  We have so many voices telling us so many things.  We have voices that are dedicated to putting us down.  We have voices that are dedicated to criticizing others, doubting what we know, knowing too much and so forth and so on.  We have a lot of activity up in that noggin of ours.  It is a wonder how we get anything done ever with so much chaos and ruckus going on internally.  We spend so much time in our heads that we sometimes assume that other people are there, in our heads, making us happy, pissing us off, or staying centered.  The truth is we make up the direction someone's voice or actions goes; we decide which filter to push it through and then we ask for assistance around something we created.  It is pretty amazing actually.

The thing is, most of us have no idea when we are making things up so I thought I would give you some clues to be able to bring awareness to your own brand of crazy:  When you think that someone did something on purpose to piss you off.  Well, this is just ridiculous.  As I have said to many people, "I don't think about you enough to plot against you."  I mean, really?  Who is sitting around trying to figure out ways to deliberately upset someone?  The next time you imagine that someone is focused so much on you and is trying to find a way to make you angry, instead of saying anything just reach for the nearest set of workout clothing and go run, walk, or move your body and get a grip.  When you think that you will never  Well, never say never, eh.  This is another time where I find something clever to say like, "Save the drama for your mama."  Basically, relax.  You may not have an understanding, love, friends, the body you want, money, whatever now but you can't say that is won't ever be the case.  How do you know about ever?  What about you is fixed, unchanging?

Basically we need to sometimes back up, think about what we are really saying and how we are behaving and find it in ourselves to really look at the situation.  Why would anyone do anything to you to hurt you?  Why would the universe put you here to keep you stuck in the same place?  Are you the only thing in the world that won't change?  Honestly?  Movement is a part of life, love is all that exists when we open ourselves to it, and the world isn't out to get you.  Give yourself, the universe and everyone else the benefit of the doubt and see where that leads you.