Keep Calm

Hi! Sometimes our heads can be scary places.  We have so many voices telling us so many things.  We have voices that are dedicated to putting us down.  We have voices that are dedicated to criticizing others, doubting what we know, knowing too much and so forth and so on.  We have a lot of activity up in that noggin of ours.  It is a wonder how we get anything done ever with so much chaos and ruckus going on internally.  We spend so much time in our heads that we sometimes assume that other people are there, in our heads, making us happy, pissing us off, or staying centered.  The truth is we make up the direction someone's voice or actions goes; we decide which filter to push it through and then we ask for assistance around something we created.  It is pretty amazing actually.

The thing is, most of us have no idea when we are making things up so I thought I would give you some clues to be able to bring awareness to your own brand of crazy:  When you think that someone did something on purpose to piss you off.  Well, this is just ridiculous.  As I have said to many people, "I don't think about you enough to plot against you."  I mean, really?  Who is sitting around trying to figure out ways to deliberately upset someone?  The next time you imagine that someone is focused so much on you and is trying to find a way to make you angry, instead of saying anything just reach for the nearest set of workout clothing and go run, walk, or move your body and get a grip.  When you think that you will never  Well, never say never, eh.  This is another time where I find something clever to say like, "Save the drama for your mama."  Basically, relax.  You may not have an understanding, love, friends, the body you want, money, whatever now but you can't say that is won't ever be the case.  How do you know about ever?  What about you is fixed, unchanging?

Basically we need to sometimes back up, think about what we are really saying and how we are behaving and find it in ourselves to really look at the situation.  Why would anyone do anything to you to hurt you?  Why would the universe put you here to keep you stuck in the same place?  Are you the only thing in the world that won't change?  Honestly?  Movement is a part of life, love is all that exists when we open ourselves to it, and the world isn't out to get you.  Give yourself, the universe and everyone else the benefit of the doubt and see where that leads you.