Can You Hear You Now?

Good Evening :) We are all working towards becoming who we will be.  We are all discouraged at times and encouraged at others.  Sharing your journey, telling your story can be the catalyst for someone else to move forward.  Tell it, go ahead, be courageous and open.  Sharing is caring after all!  I encourage you to reply via email or through the blog post.  What is your story?

I was raised with the belief that we come back, time and time again, reincarnated.  I was also raised with the beliefs of the Yoruba tradition.  Polytheism, alters, gods with personalities, that was my reality.  It is what I remember the most if you were to ask me about religion in my life.  With that said, we were told, in every way, that we could believe what made sense to us.  I was interested in traditional religion, namely christianity, so I signed up for Sunday School one summer.  I remember ironing my clothes for school one day and burning myself pretty badly.  Honestly, that is the most I remember about going to Sunday School, that and the fact that I was bored out of my mind.  The great thing was that my mother allowed me to discover for myself what resonated with me in every aspect of my life.

Because I have a strong sense of discovering my own truth, I tend to feel comfortable with checking in with my inner self, my soul, my spirit, my guides to find the answers to the questions I seek.  I check in, daily, with myself to be sure that I am on my path, doing what I am supposed to be doing.  I never hear the voice of judgement or doubt, it is always a clear voice that urges me on.  I am very thankful for being in touch with that higher self, guides, or whomever, because I know that many people struggle to gather information about themselves.  So much confusion, so much stress, so much pain is felt because we are looking for answers outside of ourselves instead of realizing that the answers spring forth from within.  When you practice being your own savior you find that you never need saving.  This is true in terms of religion and other relationships.

Connection is key to finding the answers you seek.  When you remember that you are never disconnected from the source and that you are a part of the source, we all are, you have greater reverence for all things and people around you.  You see each moment as a gift to be opened, appreciated and moved on from.  Recognizing the impermanence of something/someone doesn't mean you don't value it, it means you recognize it.  It means you don't take it for granted.  It means you understand how profound each moment is, after all you won't get that moment back, ever.

With reincarnation as my understanding, learning is my driving force.  I take everything that happens (that I bring awareness to) as information.  It is important, for me to look at my world as the creation of my soul for my own soul's learning and development.

How do you take your moments?  When do you feel most connected?  How do you ask for help from your higher self/god/connection?