What You See Is What You Can Be

Hello there!! How much time do you spend worrying about other people and what they do, don't do, think, don't think, should be doing or thinking or not be doing or thinking?  Basically, how much time do you spend distracting yourself from yourself? Not that looking at others and how they live their lives isn't important for various reasons.  After all it provides entertainment, self-reflection (it can) and distraction (which can be exactly what we need sometimes).  It is just that we can do it more than we realize and in turn stay disconnected from what is happening inside our own universe.  So how much time do you spend thinking about the lives of others while your life is left high & dry, swaying in the breeze?

What if you took that time directly after a critique of someone to see where can relate.  For example, when you think someone is being harsh or rude ask yourself why you would be harsh or rude.  Have you snapped at anyone ever?  Why?  What was happening in your world that led you to that behavior?  Would you want to do it again?  Will you?  Maybe you are feeling sensitive in this moment.  Maybe you are actually projecting because you don't feel good about yourself right now and anything anyone says may come off as harsh or rude if you are feeling deserving of that behavior.  Harsh and rude are subject to opinion after all… so maybe, maybe things aren't always exactly what you feel them to be in the moment of judgement.

When we look at someone else, their behavior & their actions, we are given the chance to see ourselves in that person without having to be that person.  There is always a 'reason' or 'story' that leads someone to the place they are.  When we give each person credit for their journey we give ourselves the same credit and permission to be where we are.  When we give ourselves permission and we begin to be present in our world we are able to create it how we would most desire.  No matter where you go, there you are.  We will never be able to get away from ourselves regardless of the effort put into looking at others.  If we see it in someone else then we embody it in ourselves.   Focus on the fact that what you can see is what you can be.

Happy Growing,