Feel The Change

Howdy, We find any and every reason to stay where we are.  We rarely take ownership of the fact that being where we are is comfortable because it is known.  We don't want to leave a place that we are certain of to go towards something that is not guaranteed.  We know that there will be things lost when we make a change and are afraid of those losses.  Loss, even when it is something we don't want, can be difficult.  We get used to the most unhealthy things and hold on to them for dear life because it is what we know.  All of that is ok.  It is simply the way that it is until it is not.

Letting go just enough in order to let something new and fresh in can be a difficult task.  It can mean taking everything that you are used to and shifting it just so it doesn't feel right.  Shifting it just so you can gain a new perspective.  That is the hardest part, sitting in the feeling of discomfort and knowing that feeling, that information is telling you that you are on the right track.  We get so caught up that we are our story that we believe that we cannot write a different one.  At some point in your life you didn't believe that anyone owed you anything.  At some point in your life you didn't believe that you needed to have a certain amount of this or that.  At some point what your story is now was not even a chapter.  At some point it wasn't so scary to try something new because everything was new.

Finding that place where risk was life isn't as hard as you may think.  It does take motivation.  You have to be ready to be somewhere other than where you are.  Usually tragedy or just being fed up becomes a catalyst for change; sometimes people coming into your life or a new job can be exactly what you need to begin to leave what is for what will be.  Either way, if you can remember the feeling of where you want to be, even if you have never been there, imagine the feeling.  You will find it easier, once you create the feeling inside of you, to find the things that bring that feeling to you in the outside world.   With the feeling of where you are going firmly planted inside and focused on, where you are will soon be where you wanted to be.