Magical You Magical Me

Good day! Where have you seen magic in your life recently?  Or better yet, where have you ignored it recently, because we all have it happen we just don't always acknowledge it.  We have gotten so used to being cynical, not impressed, taking the  amazing things that happen for granted that we don't even consider magic real.  It is real and it happens on a regular basis.  We have been taught that magic is fake and words like coincidence and random have taken the place so that we don't get excited, work on creating or controlling it and enjoy how divine everything truly is, how special.

Magic is feeling.  We bring all things of similar vibration to us when we vibrate or feel anything.  Think about it.  When you are in love you radiate that energy and in turn love pours in.  When you are angry or vibrating on the level of hate you see things that vibrate on that level.  When you have feelings you find that the world shifts, magically, to match the vibration you are sending out.  You meet people who are feeling how you feel, situations match your feelings and the world, your world, falls into place accordingly.

Magic is meeting someone, in this great big world, who, after talking to them, knows someone in another state that you know.  You find out that you have lived in the same state with them 3 different times.  You also find out that you worked for the same company at one point but in different branches of it.  When you meet, you seem to know one another and things feel easy and relaxed, like you have known one another for years.  It just flows like magic.

Magic is being down, out, hopeless, defeated, bruised and battered only to have a series of events keep push you forward in ways you would never have done for yourself.  Someone comes along and says the thing you need said, gives you an opportunity you needed to get and you are in the right place at the right time.  Synchronicity it can be called.  Synchronicity is also magic.

Magic is when a weight is lifted off of you and sunlight is brought deep inside to remind you that you are lit from within.  Magic is being able to connect with what we cannot see but know is there and all there is.  Magic is energy.  Magic is you and me.  That we exist is an act of magic.

See where you find magic happening in your world.  Maybe getting this blog post was what you asked for and here it is.  You are magic and can call to you what you need at any point.  Be open to receiving it because it will surely come.  We are so often not prepared for what we ask for because we do not believe that we will actually get it.  So, know that magic is real and is demonstrated on a daily basis for everyone.