Shine Your Light!

Hi there, Shine shine shine!  We all have the ability to touch someone's life today and make them smile.  Do you find yourself holding back your love?  Why?  From who?  You have been on the receiving end of someone having a great day before.  You know what that is like?  Maybe you were in line at the grocery store, maybe you were at a gas station or standing at a bus stop.  Someone said something lovely to you and you felt it.  You felt it in your soul.  Your day was a bit sweeter after that.  Maybe you can still picture the person who told you that sweet thing.  Maybe you can do the same for someone else today.

We have so much power and we use it so rarely to really elevate the masses.  So often we believe that doing something means working tirelessly for the rights of others.  Doing something includes working tirelessly but is not, by any means the only way to do something.  Smiling at others, saying something loving, paying for a toll of the person behind you, hanging up your clothes after you try them on in a store, giving someone the ok to pass on the road, asking (and meaning it) how someone is feeling or how their day is going, and on and on and on.  When you bombard the world with kindness and love the world throws it right back at you.

What are you going to chuck at the world today?  How will you use your power to brighten someone else's day?  Maybe you can start with yourself.  By imagining you are speaking to someone else you can have quite the interaction with your selves :)  You, my sweet, are certainly the place to start sharing random acts of kindness with.

I love you.