Imagine That!

Howdy! How often do you use your imagination?  What for and when?  Do you remember when you lived in a world that was designed by your imagination.  If you do, how did it make you feel?

As children we were able to quickly get to one feeling or another by using our imagination.  Our imaginations were the highest quality, like a brand new car.  Over time the imagination gets gunked up with "reality" and "shoulds" just as a car gets gunked up with wear and tear.  At some point the ability to imagine things becomes limited, with restraints put on our thoughts by well-meaning individuals that had the same thing happen to them at some point in their lives as well.  The thing is our imaginations weren't only to produce fun and endless hours of playtime.  Just as a baby tiger plays with its siblings and then, when an adult, uses the skills learned while playing as a cub to hunt, we have an imagination as a child to learn how to use our imaginations as adults to create our world.

If you aren't a daydreaming type of person anymore (because we all were on some level) why not take some time each day to imagine your ideal world.  As you begin to wake up your imagination you may find that your world begins to shift.  You may find more reasons to smile.  Imagination, like anything else, can be made stronger, like anything else.  Encourage others to use their imagination as well.  You may find that the way you solve problems changes.  You may find that the way you see yourself shifts as well.

Happy Imagining!