Hi there, When you show up things happen.  Generally, when you show up, the things you want to happen, happen.  I sometimes say that I want to win the lotto, followed by, I need to start playing.  The bottom line is, things rarely just fall in your lap, you have to bring opportunity to you by putting yourself in its way.  I know that I am lucky because I work my ass off.

We all have dreams.  We all have hopes.  We all want things to work out in our favor.  What exactly do we do to make our favor, favorable?  Too often I see people make excuses for not beginning something they would like to see finished.  Complaining about a present situation but doing very little to make that something a thing of the past.  Gone are the days of "I don't know where to begin."  After all, we have Google :)  You can literally type anything on a computer and there will be some answer somewhere that may not be the right one but it may get you thinking about possibilities you hadn't thought of before.  Even if you don't google your hopes and dreams you can most definitely ask people you know what they would do… or better yet, you can sit still with yourself and pay attention.

Then you have to act.  Nothing gets done without action.  Complaining, ignoring, denying, blaming and otherwise doing nothing will leave you complaining, ignoring, denying, blaming and otherwise doing nothing.  Even if you start in a direction that you aren't sure of, at least you are doing something.  So often people allow themselves to be paralyzed by the fear of not knowing what the outcome will be (like you can read the future, really), judging a choice to act as wrong/right or because they put the onus on someone else (or something else) to do something for them.  You are the one that can change your life.  No magic pill, no job, no person, no-thing can decide for you.  It is your responsibility to see after your self, tend to your dreams, encourage your hopes and own your decisions.  Your life is a gift, a magnificent experience that deserves more than complacency and fear.

I urge you to move your body, stimulate your mind, make some choices and go for it.  Seriously.  Even if that choice is being still, own it, know that you are the one deciding to be where you are until you decide to be somewhere else.