Resistance Is Painful

Howdy! What was the thing that happened to you?  You know, when you were a kid, teenager, young adult, thirty-something, middle-aged, yesterday?  How was it awful?  What triggers it?  How often do you relive it?  Where do you see it seeping into your current life and relationships?  Do you think, just for a moment, that whatever it was that happened was a blessing?

I have mentioned before that my psychic gift is 'knowing.'  I 'know' things and that is simply just the way that it is.  One of the reasons this gift is stronger than others that I have is because of my being raised with a mother that could be very depressed, extremely loving, moody and mean, generous and giving, dark and light.  I so wanted to please her that I worked on knowing exactly what she wanted/needed before I had to deal with the mood in a negative way.  My gift was honed by my desire to survive in a peaceful way.  I was told by a friend/client/psychic that I needed to remember to appreciate my upbringing for giving me the opportunity to grow my talent.  If I didn't show gratitude for all, and I mean, all that I have experienced that would mean I was not grateful for who I am now.  Honestly, I couldn't be happier with who I am and am more than grateful for all of the trials, challenges, and tribulations I have faced.  I have learned how to be me through those experiences.

Recently, my sister and I were discussing how pain is resistance.  When we resist our experiences those experiences become painful.  When we say, "It should NEVER have happened" we feel pain associated with it.  When you accept that it happened and are curious as to what you were meant to know from it, the pain ceases and the learning begins.  We are so caught up with blame, fault, guilt and regret that we spend little to know time on growth, learning, joy, love and happiness.  Even now, someone reading this may feel like they need to feel bad about the bad things that happened to them.  To that I say.  Do what you want… if it works for you, it works for you.

Try to look at your life with a different lens.  See your life as a series of gifts to create the you of today, tomorrow and the next.  You have so much to learn, do, see, feel and share.  Be grateful, always in all ways.  Do you believe that is possible for you to do?